Breakfast and Lunch Now Offered at Bauhaus Coffee

October 1, 2014 5:17am


Bauhaus Coffee Green Lake is partnering with La Toscanella Italian Bakery to offer breakfast and lunch options starting today.

The breakfast menu includes breakfast sandwiches, various egg skillets and weekend specials like apple pancakes and Dutch babies.

The lunch menu which will be served until 3 p.m. include salads, pot pie, soup and sandwiches.

Owner Joel Radin says they may expand the menu to include other offerings after 3 p.m. in the future.

Thanks to reader Kimberly for the tasty tip!



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Meet Contributor Kimberly Hereford

September 29, 2014 5:49am


Kimberly Hereford is Seattle Greenlaker’s history and art contributor. A Green Lake resident for the past several years, Kimberly has a passion for history and the arts and loves finding both of those subjects right here in Green Lake.  She has worked with several local museums to help curate their exhibits and is completing her art dissertation. Somehow she still has time to write about Green Lake’s history, art and beyond. Seattle Greenlakers meet Kimberly!

How long have you been a Greenlaker? 

I’ve lived in Green Lake for nearly 6 years.  I can hardly believe it’s been that long!

What’s your favorite part about living in Green Lake?

I know everyone says this..but it really is the beauty of the lake and the park .  Green Lake always feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, which I love. I also appreciate the strong sense of community we have, it’s great to walk around and see all my neighbors!

Any hidden gems you’ve found after living in the neighborhood? 

I have quite a few!

In the heart of Green Lake is the American Athlete gym.  It’s a smaller gym and has been a fixture in Green Lake for approximately 32 years. Everyone is so friendly and knows you by name, it’s great way to start the day.

Fix Coffeehouse makes a perfect cappuccino and offers a great view of the lake.  They also have “Tuesday Trivia” which makes for a fun weekday night.

Nearby is the antique store Ageing Fancies.  It’s full of beautiful and  unique items, I never leave empty handed!

What’s the longest thing you’ve ever written? (This question will obviously speak to your dissertation unless you’ve written other longer papers?) 

That’s easy, my dissertation!!!  I can hardly believe I am nearly finished and I am so excited!

As an independent curator what exhibits have you been a part of that were the most memorable/that you were most proud of? 

All of the exhibitions I have been involved with have been very special and memorable.  One that stands out is the exhibition for the Tacoma Art Museum, Sitting For History: Exploring Self-Identity Through Portraiture.  The exhibition included such a diverse range of portraits, from Renoir to notable Northwest artists and explored the role of portraiture in society.  We even had a “portrait station” where visitors could create their own portraits, very cool!

What kinds of art or history events/subjects are you drawn to in Green Lake?

I appreciate how many wonderful artists we have in Green Lake and always enjoy seeing local artist showcased in our local businesses.

As an art historian, I am drawn to the history of the people and places of Green Lake.  It only takes a bit of research to discover Green Lake is full of some pretty incredible architectural and historic treasures, some are obvious and some not.  I am excited to share this all with Greenlakers!


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North Seattle Burglaries Being Ignored?

September 26, 2014 7:57am

A bit of news caught our attention recently that ran on both KOMO and Wallyhood.

The cliff notes version is this:

A leaked police memo to KOMO indicates that north precinct police are short staffed. Really short staffed. Fourteen officers used to service our area and the rest of the precinct but that number is down to two – sometimes three. According to a police source quoted by KOMO “unless burglary detectives have a suspect name, evidence photos or surveillance footage and complete witness interviews it’s unlikely the case will get worked on.”

Wallyhood gives data and possible explanations for the reason behind the staff cuts.

Bottomline: We are a close knit neighborhood, but make sure to lock your doors. Use precautions and if you see something call it in. Watch out for your neighbors.



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Celebrate Indian Summer with Dukes Chowder House This Sunday

September 25, 2014 6:00am


Duke Holding Fish with Jimmi - Copy

Duke with Jimmi Jensen, one of the fisherman that he works with in Alaska.

This Sunday, celebrate Washington’s Indian Summer with Dukes Chowder House for their First Annual Sizzling BBQ Salmon Tasting.

Hosted exclusively at Green Lake’s  chowder house, the event will feature wild, sustainable Alaska Salmon, award-winning chowder and sourdough bread on their outdoor deck from 1pm-5pm. Join Chef Wild Bill and Duke who will be fixing up salmon delights with recipes from Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Sample all three salmon dishes, chowder, sourdough bread and specific wine and beer pairings for $39.

“There is no salmon swimming in the waters of these countries but their cuisine provides the perfect complement to our wild Alaska salmon,” says Duke Moscrip, founder & owner of Duke’s.

Following the tasting, guests can purchase wild Alaska salmon, Duke’s award winning clam chowder and legendary sourdough bread to BBQ at home while the Indian Summer continues. For more information, visit and make reservations at 206.283-4452.

Disclosure: Duke’s Chowder House is an advertiser on Seattle Greenlaker, but did not have editorial review of this article.


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Seattle Public Theatre at the Bathhouse Wins Award

September 24, 2014 5:44am

bathhousetheatreGreen Lake’s own Seattle Public Theatre at the Bathhouse was recently awarded the 2013-2014 50/50 Applause Award from the International Centre for Women Playwrights. The award recognizes the 50 percent of producing works by woman playwrights at the SPT MainStage Season.

SPT is one of the 67 theaters in nine counties to receive this award.

Congrats to SPT!

And to see the 2014-2015 line up head on over here.


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Changes to Green Lake’s Street Parking

September 23, 2014 6:00am


If you’ve parked after dark near the Green Lake Village or the Community Center area in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed these silly signs announcing extended evening hours for paid parking. The signs announce SDOT’s recent move to increase curbside paid parking rates all over the city. Green Lake currently has the lowest per hour rate in the entire city at $1 an hour. What’s changing is the paid parking now continues until 8 p.m.

An SDOT official told us recently that these signs serve as warnings through September but strict enforcement will take place during the extended hours beginning in October. So make sure you pack a few extra quarters to pay the fare.

For more info, and a fancy street parking map of Seattle, check out The Seattle Times recent article.


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Calling All Photographers: Green Lake Fall Photo Contest

September 22, 2014 6:14am


Calling all photographers! In honor of the beginning of fall, we want to see your best photos capturing Green Lake in the autumn. Your prize? The honor of being part of the top five photos we showcase in a post on the site in early November.

Submit your photos to by October 30, 2014. Include a caption and your name if you like. Happy hunting!




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What’s Going on in West Green Lake/Aurora?

September 18, 2014 6:12am

Reader Lynne, noticed that there were lots of changes on the West side of the lake along Aurora and wanted to know what was going on.

Here’s what we found out:

Aurora Suzuki Inc. 

After being in business for 50 years, the owners of Aurora Suzuki on Winona Avenue and Aurora Avenue are planning to retire and close their store on September 30th. No word on what will take over the location.

The Purple Store and the surrounding buildings: 

In June, a land use appeal was filed on that property at Aurora and N 77th St. If the project proceeds the new structure would require the demolition of the building currently housing the Purple Store, NW Audio Services and Kung Fu Club of Seattle, making way for a 4-story structure that would contain 34 residents and retail space. According to City permits, this is still in discussion.

Butch’s Guns 

It appears that Green Lake’s gun shop has shuttered… maybe. The signs have been removed and the website has been taken offline. The thing that has us stumped is that work is still being done on updating HVAC and electrical in the gun shop and living space above, according to the city permits.

Side note: Three years ago Butch’s was for sale.

New business on Keen Way and Aurora Ave?  

On the corner of Keen Way and Aurora (near the Shell station) it appears that the old fruit stand is getting a face lift. A for lease sign has been taken down and crews have been cleaning up the blackberry bushes and working on the interior of the small structure that has been vacant for more than a year. No word on the next tenant. Developers had been eyeing that location for a potential apartment complex but no additional permits have been issued and there is no proposed land use action for that plot of land.

Stay tuned.


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