Green Lake’s Food Scene Circa 1950 + 1960

February 24, 2017 5:34am

Recently the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections released some of their historic menus online and several include Green Lake. The menus give us an interesting glimpse into Green Lake life several decades ago. While there are a few from the 1980s – like Jake’s Green Lake and Green Lake Grill, two from the 50s and 60s caught our eye.

Green Lake Bowl Cafe 

Courtesy of University of Washington Libraries Digital Collection





Several things struck us about this menu, like coffee in Green Lake for 10 cents, grilled halibut for 85 cents and a Sweden Freeze (I don’t know what that is, but I’d like one.) What a time to live in Green Lake! And did you see the hours? Open until 12 a.m. The 50s were a rocking time for Green Lake. The Green Lake Bowl Cafe was on Ravenna Boulevard, which now is the home of Parks’ Pharmacy.  An interesting side note, according to a city website the Green Lake Bowl’s bowling alley floors are still intact at the Pharmacy today.

Okay, next menu – 10 years later and on the other side of the lake was a restaurant called Jerry Choi’s Cantonesia.

Jerry Choi’s Cantonesisa was located at 7850 Green Lake N, which is now the home of Duke’s Chowder House. An obituary for Jerry Choi says he owned the restaurant in Green Lake for 17 years. The 1960s menu features several interesting items, including Shark fin soup (now illegal in Washington state), a 10 course dinner cost $5.50 per person and an extensive 6 page menu of items starting at 90 cents.

To see the full menus for these and other Green Lake establishments, go to the University of Washington Digital Collections website.

And if you have any historic menus, let us know. We’d love to see them. Please share them here!


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Dream Gardens At The Northwest Flower And Garden Show

February 23, 2017 11:31am

It may be gray outside, but it’s a supernova of color inside at the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show (Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 26) at the Convention Center. The show packs ideas, inspiration, and information into a dazzling display of theater.


Pop art color infuses multiple award winner “Mid-Mad-Mod” by Father Nature Landscapes

The definitive stars are the 20 display gardens, each bursting with flower power. Cherry blossoms and witch hazel, primroses and orchids bloom together as they never would in the real universe. But this is not the real universe.

These stage sets – built in as little as three days – offer pop-up dreamscapes as varied as a Tuscan villa, a Japanese farmhouse, a mid-century inspired patio, and a mountain cabin. Whether your garden dream includes grilling for 50 or napping in your glamped-up shed, you’ll find something here.

Nature Perfect Landscape Design’s uber-grill keeps herbs at your fingertips

This year’s theme is food-flavored: “Taste of Spring.” Some designs embraced it, as in a fish-fueled recycled greenhouse and an English victory garden, while several others, realizing alcohol is edible, took it more loosely, featuring grow-your-own-cocktails and wine-barrel furniture.

A bar shed and a hammock complement designer Susan Calhoun’s “Garden on Tap” Photo: Erica Grivas

Some super-cool details to look for: a fantastic gabion structure, two kinds of child-safe faux fire features, and an extremely rare tree – the biggest in the state.Beyond the eye candy, you can seriously boost your garden skills. A day’s ticket includes all the expert seminars you can fit in. Over 100 seminars are offered throughout the show, hosted by well-known authors, designers and horticulturists. They span Gardening 101, design tips, technical skills, and hot new plant choices.

But wait, there’s more! In a reality-show twist, garden experts battle each other and the clock to make the coolest arrangement in “Container Wars.” A new feature this year is a tasting station featuring samples served up by area restaurants and food vendors.

There is the expansive marketplace: a host of local vendors and organizations offering everything that could be considered garden. Hot tubs, art and antiques, tools, and of course, plants. Bare-root and potted, you’ll find everything from air plants and succulents to dahlias and rare conifers. Should you run out of hands, you can check your purchases at a holding station. Just saying.

Gardens themselves are not realistic – they are a construct of the gardener’s vision. The show, while even less real than your garden, is wonderful because of and despite that. If you want to expand your garden horizons, gain some new skills, shop for a hot tub to enjoy with a homegrown martini, or just need to see some color right now, this an opportunity not to miss.

Thanks to Grace Hensley of E-Tilth for her photos.



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Seattle Greenlaker Store

Tenant Rights Bootcamp Coming to Greenwood

February 22, 2017 5:57am


Recently a friend and I walked Green Lake and chatted about some changes to her rental agreement her landlord was demanding and to me didn’t seem quite right.  I recommended calling the City’s ombudsmen. This is the part of the story where the record stops and you think, wait… what year is it? There’s got to be something a bit easier than calling the city to find someone to help. Right?


Ironically I just got an email from a group that seemed like just the fix that 2017 needs. Tenant Rights Bootcamps are a free series empowering renters to learn their rights, find solutions to various issues, and make change in their community. The series provide an opportunity for renters to learn from people who know landlord/tenant law, civic engagement, and community organizing.

“Our goal is to break down barriers to finding help or information and bring that straight to folks right in their own neighborhoods,” said Devin Silvernail, the Executive Director of Be:Seattle Organizing that runs the bootcamps.

The group is relatively new but is getting requests from Bremerton to the Eastside.

“People are feeling the pressure – rising rents, more complicated rental situations, worries about no-fault evictions, troubles getting repairs, etc. To top it off, the city passed a bunch of laws last year aimed at helping renters, but unless you are up on that sort of thing, chances are you haven’t heard about those laws,” said Silvernail.


The next Tenant Rights Bootcamp is March 8 in Greenwood at Makeda & Mingus (153 N 78th St) at 6 p.m. A counselor from the Tenants Union as well as 3 other group leaders who specialize in tenant law will also be on hand to answer questions. For more info on this program, go to:


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Seattle Animal Shelter Offers Free Spay/Neuters For World Spay Day

February 21, 2017 5:56am

Here’s a holiday that might have slipped your mind (but don’t worry, you probably won’t need to send any “festive” cards) – World Spay Day is February 28. To kick things off the Seattle Animal Shelter’s Spay and Neuter Clinic is offering free spay/neuter surgeries plus microchipping to area pets scheduled for surgery that entire week – Feb. 27-March 3, 2017. Space is limited; to schedule an appointment, call 206-386-4260. This promotion is possible in part because of a generous grant from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

These surgeries usually cost between $144-$186 for dogs, $102-$108 for cats and $90 for rabbits. While there is no residency requirement to take advantage of this special offer, pets of Seattle residents must be currently licensed or a license can be purchased on the day of the appointment. For altered animals, a one-year license is $24 for cats and $35 for dogs; a license is not required for rabbits.

To obtain more information about Spay Day Seattle, to donate to the Pet Population Control Fund or to learn more about other Seattle Animal Shelter services, call 206-386-PETS (7387), or visit


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thinkLOCAL Event Fundraiser for Invest in Youth March 3

February 15, 2017 5:25am

Invest in Youth, a non profit that helps pair free tutors with elementary school aged students (including those from Green Lake’s Daniel Bagley Elementary), is having a fundraiser called thinkLOCAL. The evening event will include a tasting featuring local wineries and distilleries as well as a silent auction. Each attendee receives a wine glass and tastes from local beverage partners, which include Trust Cellars, Number 6 Cider, Scratch Distillery, Proletariat Wine Company, William Grassie Wine Estates, Hellbent Brewing Company, and Westland Distillery. Re:Public is catering the food for the evening.

Here’s all the details:
March 3rd, 2017
7:00pm to 10:00pm
415 Westlake (415 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109)
To purchase tickets, go to:


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Happy 62nd Anniversary Evans Pool

February 9, 2017 5:32am
Evans Pool 1955 via Seattle Municipal Archives

Evans Pool 1955 via Seattle Municipal Archives

Sixty two years ago (this week) Evans Pool was dedicated as part of Green Lake Park. It cost $236,286.

According to the Seattle Municipal Archives “In 1955 (almost to this very date) Evans Pool was dedicated by then Mayor Pomeroy, Park board members and Park Department employees along with Roosevelt and Lincoln High School Moonlighters Swing Band. Among other events at the pool opening was a comedy diving exhibition by the Husky Swim club. En- trance fees when the pool opened were 10, 25 and 35 cents for children, youth and adults. Over 50,000 signatures were gathered in 1952 in support of a pool at Green Lake. Voters approved a money for the Green Lake pool in a Park Department bond in 1952 and ground was broken in 1954. Designed by Lamont & Fey, unique features of the pool at the time were port- holes allowing underwater viewing of swimmers. The pool was named “Evans Pool” in honor of Ben and Lou Evans, Recreation Directors of the Parks Department.”


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Green Lake Food Walk Date Announced

February 8, 2017 5:22am

The date for the 2017 Green Lake Food Walk has just been announced. So mark your calendars for Saturday, April 29 at 12:30 – 5:30 p.m.

The event is similar to an art walk but instead of art, you walk through Green Lake’s restaurants and businesses for samples of their menu items.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for children (plus online processing fees). All proceeds go to the Green Lake Chamber of Commerce. Last year the event sold out, so get your tickets soon.


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Man Injured In Woodland Park Off Leash Area Yesterday In ICU

February 7, 2017 10:10am

The tree that fell on Frostad at the Dog Park on 2/6 via his GoFundMe page.

The man injured yesterday by a fallen tree at the Woodland Park Off Leash Dog Area has been identified by KIRO News as Scott Frostad.  Frostad, a park regular known for his expressive photographs of dogs, was standing with dog walkers Lauri Ann Carrasco and Michelle Larsen when a mature pine tree crashed to the ground. Carrasco and Larsen were able to get away in time, but Frostad was pinned, hit by the full weight of the tree. According to KIRO, he is currently in the ICU and will have to undergo several surgeries. Larsen set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the surgeries.

The fundraising goal for his medical bills is set at $20,000. Within nearly 12 hours the page had raised more than $3,500. The GoFundMe page says his dogs are being cared for while he is in the ICU.

Frostad is an avid photographer and we have used his photos to showcase the Woodland Dog Park in previous posts. The tree that injured Frostad was one of two trees that fell in the park yesterday. The off leash area of the park has been closed since the incident while an arborist investigates the safety of the park.

Please visit the GoFundMe page for more information on how to help Scott.



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Your Weekend In And Around Green Lake

February 2, 2017 9:10pm

Cosmic Triangle: Mars is at the top with Venus at right. Photo by Dustin Guy

It’s nearly the weekend Greenlakers! You made it.

Did you catch the cosmic triangle earlier this week? (That’s when Mars, a crescent moon, and Venus were aligned in a triangle.) Luckily Dustin Guy captured a shot (seen above).

Also, some good news. That Southbound SR 99/Aurora Avenue North closure that was supposed to happen this weekend has now been canceled and will be rescheduled soon. So you are clear to use 99 in both directions to and from your Super Bowl festivities.

Speaking of which, in case you need a few places to check out the Super Bowl this weekend, here’s some spots right here on the north side of Green Lake.

Green Lake Bar and Grill
Features three TVs total, two at the bar and one facing the lobby. Come early and stake your claim, as they cannot reserve spots in the bar. Great place for a boozy brunch, they have a cocktail menu just for breakfast (I recommend the Ultimate Bloody Mary).
Bonus: A little bird told us there’s a booth in the back of the restaurant with its own TV, try to grab it if you can.
Address: 7200 E. Green Lake Dr N

St. Andrews Bar and Grill
1,000+ sq. foot space, 130″ HD projection screen, four 50″ screens. Menu includes standard game-day fare including Highlander hot wings, fresh baked nachos and Rod Stewart Onion Rings (we’re not sure). There’s also a wide variety of sandwiches and daily soups made from scratch.
Bonus: St. Andrews is home to one of Washington’s largest selections of Single Malt Scotches. So there’s that.
Address: 7406 Aurora Ave. N

Duck Island Ale House
Love Beth’s Cafe food but wish you could enjoy it with a beer? Well then this is your place.
Bonus: We hear the duck balls are a must. This is one of those things that you are just going to have to take a leap of faith and believe us, trust fall style.
Address: 7317 Aurora Ave N


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