Rise Up 5K July 1

June 19, 2017 6:30am

The Rise Up 5K is July 1, but race organizers ask people to register before June 20th.

According to the race Facebook page, the race is for “people of all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations to RISE UP together across the nation for the world’s largest running/walking event. With a collective voice of footsteps, we will run to the cadence of liberty, freedom, and justice for ALL. Join today and make history. RISE UP. RUN. BE HEARD.”

Here’s the details for the day of the race:
July 1
Super Jock ‘n Jilly at 7210 E Green Lake Dr N.
Please check-in at Super Jock ‘n Jill and then we will all head over and start at 8am across the street, at Green Lake.

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“Your Voice, Your Choice” Voting Now For Safety Improvements In and Around Green Lake

June 15, 2017 3:53pm

A reader emailed us about a program called “Your Voice, Your Choice” which provides an opportunity for residents to vote online in favor of proposed safety improvements in our City Council District. In District 6 (Green Lake’s district) there are three projects that directly affect Green Lake.

The first is a project to improve safety of the crosswalk on 80th and Corliss N by adding a curb bulb on the north side of 80th. The  project would make pedestrians more visible and is expected to calm traffic by narrowing the westbound lane. To see more about this, head over to KOMO, who recently covered this story.

The second is on the south side of the lake near Woodland Park at N 50th St and Dayton Ave N. The project would add flashing beacons and curb ramps to make crossing safer near schools and Woodland Park.

The third project would add signage on N 50th St at Whitman Ave N to make crossing safer on an intersection with low visibility near Woodland Park.

Voting takes just a few minutes but could help improve safety in our area, so please make sure to vote before June 30. Here’s the link for our district.



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Underdog Sports Red Rubber Showdown Kickball Tournament July 22

June 7, 2017 5:46am

via Underdog Sports Seattle

The Red Rubber Showdown is coming to Green Lake July 22nd at Greenlake and Lower Woodland Playfields. The annual one-day kickball tournament is a chance for 60 kickball teams to compete and have fun in Green Lake.

All games at Lower Woodlands, University and Green Lake fields (additional fields may be added later depending on the number of teams).

For more information, and to sign up go to: Underdog Sports.


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Froggy Fun Run June 3

May 31, 2017 6:26am

The Froggy Fun Run, a family-focused 1K event is this Saturday June 3 at the Montlake Community Center. The event connects families to the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center, as well as raising awareness and funds to benefit early learning for children with hearing loss or speech-language challenges. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the Early Learning Scholarship Fund. The fund supports children in one of three early learning programs for children with communication challenges.

Montlake Community Center
1618 E Calhoun St, Seattle

June 3 10 a.m. – noon

To find our more information go HSDC website.


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Man Exposing Himself At Green Lake Park This Morning

May 30, 2017 3:16pm

A Seattle Greenlaker reader just sent us a report and the above photograph of a man who she says was exposing himself in Green Lake Park earlier this morning. While the photograph is taken from a distance she includes a complete description of the man as in his mid-30s, either caucasian/hispanic, baggy green cargo pants, tennis shoes, black zip-up sweatshirt, faded NY Yankees ball cap.

Here’s what happened:

” 6:45AM Tuesday, May 30: A man in green cargo pants, a black zip up hoodie, and a faded NY Yankee hat, was sitting on a bench just north of the Aurora and Green Lake Way intersection who saw me, and noticing no one was behind me, approached me directly while walking directly in my path, with his pants fully unzipped and leaving himself completely exposed as he approached me slowly and then continued to pass by me.

I was dumbfounded and was unable to get a good photo (though I have attached the one I did get here). As I stood motionless, he walked away, heading South, and seeing that I did not keep walking, proceeded to begin running away towards Woodland Park.
Two other morning walkers noticed something was wrong and stopped to talk. We did not get a good look at him and I did not see him again while continuing the loop. I would be so glad to not have this happen to other people. It is jarring and scary.”

The reader reported the incident to the police but encourages anyone who sees someone of this description to call the police immediately.


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It’s Now Easier To Comment On The Seattle Greenlaker Blog

May 23, 2017 11:11am

Greenlakers, we love your comments and have heard from many of you that you don’t like Disqus, the commenting service that we use on our blog.  We use a commenting platform to avoid spammers who post inappropriate comments. However, we have recently adjusted the settings to make it easier for you to comment on the blog.

While we are still using Disqus, you can now sign in with Facebook. If you don’t Facebook you can also use Google, Twitter or Disqus (which is a very easy sign up) to comment. This should save several steps. And while we tend to get a lot of great comments on Facebook, we hope that this helps to open up the conversation on the blog as well.


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Thank You Flag Maker For Keeping Greenlakers A Bit Safer

May 15, 2017 6:50am

Several of Green Lake’s intersections can be a bit dicey as a pedestrian. The intersection near Duke’s restaurant and Mio Sushi on Green Lake Drive on the north end of the lake is one that often gives me pause – especially when walking with my kiddo.

Several months ago we noticed that someone installed a series of  handmade neon traffic flags that pedestrians can use while walking to and from the park in three directions of traffic. We’ve used them several times and see people using them constantly.

So a big heartfelt thank you mystery flag maker, whoever you are!


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‘Spanish Lessons’ Man Leonardo Bustamante Back In Seattle

May 12, 2017 12:51pm

via Reddit

We received word recently that Leonardo Bustamante – our resident “Spanish Lessons” teacher is back in Seattle. Reader Jim emailed us to tell us that Leonardo, the man who is “Green Lake famous” for walking the lake with a “Spanish Lessons” vest had moved to Ecuador but found it to be too cold so he came back to Seattle. He recently chatted with him at the Locks.

Two days after getting the email from Jim, I spotted Leonardo walking the Green Lake path as well.

A post on EveryBlock confirmed that he planned to move to Ecuador in 2012:

“Letting the Green Lake community know that Leonardo will be leaving soon after the fair weather turns. He is leaving for good, to live out his last years with nephews in Equador. Or, as Leonardo states it, with tongue-and-cheek telenovela drama, “I am going away to die”.
He is matter-of-fact about the effects of aging on his ability to continue his daily walks and Spanish lessons. The cold is too much for him to endure, so he will bask in perennial spring-like temperatures at 8,500 feet. He is genuinely wistful about leaving Green Lake.
I’m sure many of you share my wistfulness in seeing Leonardo begin his final journey. Make sure to thank him and say goodbye if you see him these final few days of summer.”

We are so happy to see him back in Green Lake and are also hoping the weather warms up so we see him more often. So if you see Leonardo out, give him a big ‘hola’ and welcome back to Green Lake.


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Petition Started For Green Lake Community Center And 7 Other Community Centers

May 12, 2017 6:19am

Susan Helf, one of the organizers of the group ‘Save Evans Pool and Green Lake Community Center’ sent us two updates on the status of the Green Lake Community Center.

The first is that the major repairs that many community members have been fighting to get done may start this Fall. According to Helf those include a new roof, areas damaged by leaks, replacement or repair of the pool boiler and water heater, ADA access improvements, replacement of the electrical panel in the gym and repair of the gym floor and pool systems.

She continues with the second update …

“While we are grateful that Seattle Parks and Recreation has finally agreed to do work that it first identified as necessary in 2008, we are not satisfied.
We want SPR to replace or remodel the other seven community centers on its 2008 list: Queen Anne CC, Loyal Heights CC, South Park CC, Hiawatha CC, Magnolia CC, Lake City CC and Jefferson Park CC, using public money.
We also want SPR to abandon any scheme of privatizing our beloved community centers and pools to that end, we’ve formed a new city-wide coalition: “Seattle Community Centers and Pools for All,” a group of parks activists who oppose privatization of park facilities and want our community centers repaired or replaced using public money.
Our coalition has written a petition to the Seattle City Council/Seattle Park District Board. On Saturday, May 13 at 2 p.m. in front of the Green Lake Community Center, our coalition will launch this petition, which will make two demands: 1) NO privatization of pools or community centers and 2) remodel or replace all eight community centers identified by Parks and Recreation.
In 1952, North End neighbors gathered 50,000 signatures to persuade Seattle Parks to build Evans Pool. With a current city population twice the size it was in 1952, we hope we can do as well. Our petition will send an unambiguous message to Seattle Parks and the City Council: Our community centers and pools are a precious focus of our neighborhoods and we want them to stay under local control and public management.
This will be a grass-roots, all-volunteer, all-city effort. Anybody can download the petition from either Facebook page: Save Evans Pool and Green Lake Community Center or Seattle Community Centers and Pools for All.”


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