The Latest On The Green Lake Community Center

March 13, 2017 6:32am

In case you missed it, the Green Lake Community Center future is up in the air.

The short story is the Community Center is the oldest in the Seattle Parks Department and the Department says it needs to be totally re-done. The price tag is $25 million.

Remember that voter-aproved Parks District that passed a few years ago? It included a line item for a remodel of the Community Center but it did not include the full $25 million. Why not? That’s a good question and one that has us all a bit puzzled. We’ve talked to the Parks Department several times.

So what can you do?

Attend this meeting: The Green Lake Advisory Council is meeting Tuesday, March 14th at 7 p.m. at the Green Lake Community Center with Park & Recs Superintendent Jesus Aguirre. Tell him what you want to see for the future of the Community Center and Evans Pool.


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Kid Friendly Restaurants In And Near Green Lake

March 6, 2017 5:57am

Every Wednesday night our family eats out. The midweek break from cooking is something we look forward to. We try to stay close to home, mostly because our toddler has a very set-in-stone hunger meter that normally hits as soon as we get off work. Here’s a list of some great Green Lake restaurant spots that we love that are close to home.

Green Lake Bar and Grill 

You know its kid friendly when you are seated with a toddler and they arrive with a plastic cup with lid and straw! The restaurant features an expansive kid’s menu and entrees that are large enough to share with your kiddo too. The dining room has some great Green Lake art – old and new. And in the summer on a sunny day the outdoor seating area will make you have one of those “ah, this is why we live in Green Lake” moments.

Tip: Happy hour (3-6pm and 9pm-Close daily). And even better deals via their email newsletter. This is one of the few restaurant newsletters I would recommend subscribing to for the many promos.

7200 East Green Lake Dr N
(206) 729-6179

Rosita’s Mexican Grill

Does it get more family friendly than Rosita’s? This Green Lake landmark has been feeding kiddos for decades. On a recent trip the maître d’ walked us to our table and told us she used to come in when she was my toddler’s age. The kid-packed dining room is usually entertainment enough for our little lady allowing me and my husband to split the fajitas and get some margaritas and actually carry on a conversation. Our two-year-old can devour the rice and beans plate in a few minutes. Everyone is happy.

Tip: Handmade tortillas are free and available near the far section of the restaurant. They are tasty and a great distraction for kids as the food is being prepared. Families can sit near the bar on the far side of the restaurant and still get happy hour without actually sitting in the bar. Be sure to ask for the happy hour menu when you arrive. Happy Hour 4-6pm & 9pm-close.

7210 Woodlawn Ave. NE

PCC Aurora and Green Lake Village

Not only do kid’s get free fruit, which will help to buy you some time when you are shopping, but you can also get takeout and bring it to the park or dine in at either of the PCC locations. The Green Lake Village location has a large salad bar, deli case, hot bar and pizza by the slice or full pies to go. Green Lake Aurora, although much smaller still has a hot bar with rotating soups.

Tip: The Aurora PCC has seating upstairs.

PCC Green Lake Aurora
7504 Aurora Ave. N.

PCC Green Lake Village
450 N.E. 71st St.

Mykonos Greek Grill

I still think this is the best gyro in Seattle, and I have tried many! This Greek restaurant is situated in-between the Green Lake Village PCC and the park. We often go straight for the gyros (and 50 napkins!) but there is a large menu. The food comes quickly and the prices are very reasonable.

Tip: Great for takeout too. It is often done in under 10 minutes.

310 NE 72nd St

Via Tribunali (formerly Cornuto)
What opened a few years back as Cornuto, recently changed names to Via Tribunali. (Quick backstory: it’s always been owned by the Via Tribunali folks, but in January switched names to match the other pizzerias of the area. Don’t worry, the same great staff is there. But the happy hour is much improved. Read on!)

This Greenwood restaurant is kid friendly but also feels like a date night out. Great pizzas and salads. While there aren’t kid menus, it’s pizza (and really good at that) so you should be set. The large dining room is great for families but you may not know that there is a large back deck that is perfect on warm days.

Tip: Happy hour is a steal. $6 pizzas, deals on 1/2 carafes of wine as well as other drink and food specials. Just get there before 6 and you are set!

7404 Greenwood Ave N
(206) 812-0416

Green Lake Ale House
This is where my husband takes our kiddo whenever I am not home at dinner time. It’s easily walkable for us. A great place to drop in after a day at the wading pool and serves brunch on the weekends. Great kid menu.
Tip: They take reservations! Happy hour is good, but only in the bar – sorry kiddos.

7900 East Green Lake Dr N
(206) 294-5753

India Bistro 

It’s easy to miss India Bistro as you drive on Roosevelt Way, but with free parking and great food, you’ll be glad you stopped by. Young kids may enjoy watching the chefs cook (often with large flames) in their open kitchen easily visible from the dining room.

Tip: A buffet is offered for your hungry eaters many days throughout the week. Lunch buffet is offered everyday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. – $8.95 and dinner buffet 5 – 9 p.m. on Sunday and Monday Only – $12.95

6417 Roosevelt Way NE #106 (206) 517-4444

Duke’s Chowder House
Duke’s is a year round favorite – in the summer we love the front patio and in the winter we try to get a table by the fire.
Fish and chips, check. Chowder, check. While we reserve Duke’s for a nicer night out because the food is a bit pricier it is always worth it.
Tip: If you sign up for their birthday club you can get a choice of a free dinner, 1/2 price wine or free dessert for your entire table. Parking can be tricky. If you can walk there, do!

7850 Green Lake Dr N

Parents, what do you think? Did we miss any of your favorites?


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Celebrate Purim with Chabad of NW

March 2, 2017 5:42am

Celebrate Purim with Chabad of NW Seattle on March 12.

Bring your cowboy hat, boot spurs, and enjoy finger lickin’ food. Megillah reading, say a Lechaim, western entertainment and more.

Tickets are available here.

And the cost varies:

Until march 5th Early-Bird Adult $10 Child $5
Until march 12th Adult $15 Child $8
At the door Adult $20 Child $10


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Dine Around Starts This Sunday

March 1, 2017 5:05am

Don’t be distracted by the fact that there’s only one Green Lake stop on the Dine Around offerings this year. I mean, first of all it is MKT, which is a great spot, but there’s several others that are very close as well such as Caninetta in Wallingford, a handful of great spots in Ballard and Fremont, including China Pie (dumplings and pizza anyone?).

Dine Around runs from Sunday March 5 – 23 Sunday – Thursday. Dinners are $22, $33 and $44 and lunch is $18 at select locations.



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What To Do When That Free Couch Never Leaves Your Street

February 27, 2017 6:38am
via flickr

via flickr

Free signs on couches are not uncommon in Green Lake. But what do you do if the couch or other large items aren’t free but are just dumped on your street? Who you gonna call? Well, you don’ have to call anyone. You can do two simple things.

First you can check online to see if someone else has already reported it here.

If not, you can fill out this form and within 10 business days the “issue” should be taken away.

This link is also good for reporting abandoned vehicles, campers etc.


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Green Lake’s Food Scene Circa 1950 + 1960

February 24, 2017 5:34am

Recently the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections released some of their historic menus online and several include Green Lake. The menus give us an interesting glimpse into Green Lake life several decades ago. While there are a few from the 1980s – like Jake’s Green Lake and Green Lake Grill, two from the 50s and 60s caught our eye.

Green Lake Bowl Cafe 

Courtesy of University of Washington Libraries Digital Collection





Several things struck us about this menu, like coffee in Green Lake for 10 cents, grilled halibut for 85 cents and a Sweden Freeze (I don’t know what that is, but I’d like one.) What a time to live in Green Lake! And did you see the hours? Open until 12 a.m. The 50s were a rocking time for Green Lake. The Green Lake Bowl Cafe was on Ravenna Boulevard, which now is the home of Parks’ Pharmacy.  An interesting side note, according to a city website the Green Lake Bowl’s bowling alley floors are still intact at the Pharmacy today.

Okay, next menu – 10 years later and on the other side of the lake was a restaurant called Jerry Choi’s Cantonesia.

Jerry Choi’s Cantonesisa was located at 7850 Green Lake N, which is now the home of Duke’s Chowder House. An obituary for Jerry Choi says he owned the restaurant in Green Lake for 17 years. The 1960s menu features several interesting items, including Shark fin soup (now illegal in Washington state), a 10 course dinner cost $5.50 per person and an extensive 6 page menu of items starting at 90 cents.

To see the full menus for these and other Green Lake establishments, go to the University of Washington Digital Collections website.

And if you have any historic menus, let us know. We’d love to see them. Please share them here!


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Dream Gardens At The Northwest Flower And Garden Show

February 23, 2017 11:31am

It may be gray outside, but it’s a supernova of color inside at the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show (Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 26) at the Convention Center. The show packs ideas, inspiration, and information into a dazzling display of theater.


Pop art color infuses multiple award winner “Mid-Mad-Mod” by Father Nature Landscapes

The definitive stars are the 20 display gardens, each bursting with flower power. Cherry blossoms and witch hazel, primroses and orchids bloom together as they never would in the real universe. But this is not the real universe.

These stage sets – built in as little as three days – offer pop-up dreamscapes as varied as a Tuscan villa, a Japanese farmhouse, a mid-century inspired patio, and a mountain cabin. Whether your garden dream includes grilling for 50 or napping in your glamped-up shed, you’ll find something here.

Nature Perfect Landscape Design’s uber-grill keeps herbs at your fingertips

This year’s theme is food-flavored: “Taste of Spring.” Some designs embraced it, as in a fish-fueled recycled greenhouse and an English victory garden, while several others, realizing alcohol is edible, took it more loosely, featuring grow-your-own-cocktails and wine-barrel furniture.

A bar shed and a hammock complement designer Susan Calhoun’s “Garden on Tap” Photo: Erica Grivas

Some super-cool details to look for: a fantastic gabion structure, two kinds of child-safe faux fire features, and an extremely rare tree – the biggest in the state.Beyond the eye candy, you can seriously boost your garden skills. A day’s ticket includes all the expert seminars you can fit in. Over 100 seminars are offered throughout the show, hosted by well-known authors, designers and horticulturists. They span Gardening 101, design tips, technical skills, and hot new plant choices.

But wait, there’s more! In a reality-show twist, garden experts battle each other and the clock to make the coolest arrangement in “Container Wars.” A new feature this year is a tasting station featuring samples served up by area restaurants and food vendors.

There is the expansive marketplace: a host of local vendors and organizations offering everything that could be considered garden. Hot tubs, art and antiques, tools, and of course, plants. Bare-root and potted, you’ll find everything from air plants and succulents to dahlias and rare conifers. Should you run out of hands, you can check your purchases at a holding station. Just saying.

Gardens themselves are not realistic – they are a construct of the gardener’s vision. The show, while even less real than your garden, is wonderful because of and despite that. If you want to expand your garden horizons, gain some new skills, shop for a hot tub to enjoy with a homegrown martini, or just need to see some color right now, this an opportunity not to miss.

Thanks to Grace Hensley of E-Tilth for her photos.



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Tenant Rights Bootcamp Coming to Greenwood

February 22, 2017 5:57am


Recently a friend and I walked Green Lake and chatted about some changes to her rental agreement her landlord was demanding and to me didn’t seem quite right.  I recommended calling the City’s ombudsmen. This is the part of the story where the record stops and you think, wait… what year is it? There’s got to be something a bit easier than calling the city to find someone to help. Right?


Ironically I just got an email from a group that seemed like just the fix that 2017 needs. Tenant Rights Bootcamps are a free series empowering renters to learn their rights, find solutions to various issues, and make change in their community. The series provide an opportunity for renters to learn from people who know landlord/tenant law, civic engagement, and community organizing.

“Our goal is to break down barriers to finding help or information and bring that straight to folks right in their own neighborhoods,” said Devin Silvernail, the Executive Director of Be:Seattle Organizing that runs the bootcamps.

The group is relatively new but is getting requests from Bremerton to the Eastside.

“People are feeling the pressure – rising rents, more complicated rental situations, worries about no-fault evictions, troubles getting repairs, etc. To top it off, the city passed a bunch of laws last year aimed at helping renters, but unless you are up on that sort of thing, chances are you haven’t heard about those laws,” said Silvernail.


The next Tenant Rights Bootcamp is March 8 in Greenwood at Makeda & Mingus (153 N 78th St) at 6 p.m. A counselor from the Tenants Union as well as 3 other group leaders who specialize in tenant law will also be on hand to answer questions. For more info on this program, go to:


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Seattle Animal Shelter Offers Free Spay/Neuters For World Spay Day

February 21, 2017 5:56am

Here’s a holiday that might have slipped your mind (but don’t worry, you probably won’t need to send any “festive” cards) – World Spay Day is February 28. To kick things off the Seattle Animal Shelter’s Spay and Neuter Clinic is offering free spay/neuter surgeries plus microchipping to area pets scheduled for surgery that entire week – Feb. 27-March 3, 2017. Space is limited; to schedule an appointment, call 206-386-4260. This promotion is possible in part because of a generous grant from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

These surgeries usually cost between $144-$186 for dogs, $102-$108 for cats and $90 for rabbits. While there is no residency requirement to take advantage of this special offer, pets of Seattle residents must be currently licensed or a license can be purchased on the day of the appointment. For altered animals, a one-year license is $24 for cats and $35 for dogs; a license is not required for rabbits.

To obtain more information about Spay Day Seattle, to donate to the Pet Population Control Fund or to learn more about other Seattle Animal Shelter services, call 206-386-PETS (7387), or visit


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