Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019 7:17am

Canadian Goose in flight during a winter sunset from the Green Lake boathouse dock – Winter 2013. Photo by Dustin Guy

This post is our 2,002 post since launching Seattle Greenlaker, back on May 11, 2014. These 5+ years have celebrated some of the amazing people, place and events that have made Green Lake beautiful. Because it is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to the man on Keen Way who always sweeps the street and walkways clear of all the leaves from all of the neighbors’ trees. To the woman who lives on Stone way, that despite not having children of her own, purchased a sign encouraging people to slow down because kids live here. To the man who sits in the park with a board saying “I desire a conversation” because he wants to connect with his community. To the friendly cashiers at PCC who always make sure my kids have a free fruit. To the roller blading guy who always zips by me with a huge smile. To all of the hardworking businesses that make Green Lake fun to visit. To Leonardo, for his Spanish Lessons.

Happy Thanksgiving Green Lake!


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Green Lake Library Sketch

November 21, 2019 10:24pm

Sharing a beautiful and precise drawing of the historic Green Lake library building by Seattle artist (and my mom!) Valerie Margulis.

Her piece was selected for the Historic Seattle & Georgetown Art Attack show. The Green Lake Library is one of the few remaining Carnegie Libraries that is still serving its original purpose. You can see her piece, and more by other Seattle artists on December 14th in Georgetown.

Nice work, mom!

Event information here:

Date: December 14 
Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Palace Theatre & Art Bar 
5813 Airport Way S 
Seattle, WA 98108

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Two Green Lake Gems Make For the Perfect Date Night

November 20, 2019 10:30am
The wine wall at Eight Row
(photos via Eight Row)

Here’s a question – when you go out for a nice dinner, do you stay in Green Lake or go to other parts of the city? When my husband and I go out for dinner, without our kiddos in tow, we often leave Green Lake. I don’t know if it has to do with leaving our neighborhood feels like we are getting out of our day-to-day grind, but we don’t often dine here for our date nights. This weekend we did something different. We stayed in Green Lake.

We started at Eight Row (7102 Woodlawn Ave NE), which opened earlier this summer. I had been there a few months ago, but this was a first time for my husband. The thing I really like about this restaurant is everything about it feels special. That has a lot to do with the brothers who own it and have based so much of the look and menu off of their roots and orchard upbringing. The whole restaurant just feels fresh. The staff are each genuinely excited to talk about each dish and know the menu inside and out almost like they were the ones preparing it. Chef Nichols takes such pride in every detail of the restaurant. From the newly redone interior (which was also nominated for one of Seattle Eater’s best designed restaurants of the year) to the jars of pickled veggies that are sitting on the shelves that he has fermenting for a future menu. This past weekend we noticed he had hung persimmons from the ceiling over much of the restaurant that will soon become hoshigaki, a Japanese-style dried fruit. The Dungeness crab salad was amazing as was every dish we tried. Such a gem of a neighborhood restaurant. Not to say that it is a cheap to eat there. It isn’t, but the care that has been put into every dish makes it a fun destination to return to again and again.

Persimmons hang from the rafters of Eight Row.

After dinner, we headed over to Seattle Public Theater (7312 West Green Lake Dr.) to watch one of the last showings of The Thanksgiving Play. (Don’t fret, the new season of holiday shows just launched.)
This was the first time I had been to this theater and I loved how intimate it was. We grabbed a drink on the way in. While standing in line I enjoyed looking at the different outfits of people who were also attending the show. Lots of rain gear (no surprise, Seattle!) some dresses and nice jackets but nothing over the top fancy.

In a funny, very SPT theater experience, the cookie we purchased from the lobby had to be eaten in the foyer, and was not allowed to be taken to our seat. So we split that chocolate chip cookie, pawed it like two hungry squirrels and headed to our seats. Once we got to our seats my husband said he suddenly had remembered going there when he was a kid. And that is part of the charm of the converted bathhouse theater and the performances – they are timeless. The show was great, smart and thoroughly entertaining. It truly lived up to their mission “to produce compelling and socially relevant theater to spark conversation and ignite empathy.” I can’t wait to go again.

It was the perfect Green Lake night and one that can so easily be replicated year round. How lucky we are to live and play here in Green Lake!


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Green Lake Pathway Of Lights 2019 Details

November 19, 2019 3:03pm
via Pathway of Lights Facebook page

Green Lake’s park-wide holiday event is less than a month away. Mark your calendars, because rain or shine, on Saturday December 14 from 4:30- 7:30 p.m. there will be carolers, jazz bands and many other musical performances in three different areas of the lake. Specifically, The Green Lake Community Center on the east side, the Green Lake Small Craft Center on the south side, the Bathhouse Theater on the west side. For the full line up of performers, go here.

My favorite thing is the tiny twinkling candles that are placed around the entire Green Lake loop. We always invite a big group of friends over to load up on hot cocoa at our house before heading to the park to hear the music. Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate bar?!

The event is free thanks to a partnership with the Green Lake Advisory Council and with help from community partners, Green Lake Masons, funding provided by the Neighborhood Matching Fund from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Lake & Company Real Estate, PCC Community Markets, The Hearthstone, Green Lake Chamber of Commerce, and Associated Recreation Council.

Non-perishable food will also be collected for FamilyWorks.

And just like previous years, the coordinators are always in need of volunteers to assist with the event and volunteer music groups. To volunteer or learn more, please contact Green Lake Community Center at 206-684-0780or pathwayoflights@seattle.gov.


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Sharing a new project: The Tree book

November 18, 2019 10:05pm

A few months ago, my 4-year old daughter asked me what happens to a tree when it falls down. For some reason, this seemed like a profound question to me. Because I don’t have anything else going on (not!), I decided that in order to answer her question I needed to create an entire illustrated book for kids about the life of a tree. Within a few weeks I had the project mostly finished in a printed prototype. My daughter gave feedback and suggestions along the way. Recently, I decided to self-publish the book so that other kids could enjoy it. 

Check out The Tree book on Amazon

A few months later during the freak thunderstorm that happened in Seattle, my wife, daughter and I were all watching out the window of our top floor bedroom. Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck a tree outside a block away and my daughter said, “just like the in tree book!”

I thought I would share this project in case you have any 3-6 year old children in your life. I hope they enjoy the book as much as my daughter.


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New Green Lake Crew Boat House Slated For 2021

November 8, 2019 10:35am

A new community boathouse may find its home in Green Lake as soon as 2021. The design was focused on making Green Lake more accessible to people of any background or ability level. Community volunteers in partnership with Green Lake Rowing Advisory Council, Associated Recreation Council, and Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club have raised a total of $5.8 million from public and private sources towards the $6.5 million goal, including $951,000 awarded by Washington State Recreation and Conservation office on June 27. 

Green Lake Crew needs to raise the remaining funds in order to break ground at the first part of 2020.

According to a press release from Green Lake Crew:

“The current Green Lake Small Craft Center (GLSCC) houses the 70-year-old Green Lake Crew.  Started by storied UW rowing coach Al Ulbrickson in 1948, it is believed to be oldest public junior rowing program in the nation.  In 1963, long before Title IX, the crew added a girl’s program, another first for the region.  In its seven decades, the crew has introduced thousands of Seattle youth to rowing, opening doors to a diverse community, and even launching some to success on the national and international stage.

The 10,600 square-foot facility will increase capacity for programs through a combination of expanded and more efficient boat storage and additional instructional space. It will be fully accessible, which makes possible the launch of Seattle’s first public adaptive rowing program and expansion of a parapaddling program. Specialized programs of Seattle Parks and Recreation will also be able to expand their work with individuals of differing physical and cognitive abilities.

User safety will be improved through restrooms, locker facilities, and areas for off-water instruction and community meeting space. In addition, the new boathouse will better engage with Green Lake Park and the heavily used adjacent walking trail.”

If you would like to donate, go to their site.


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United Way Looking For Volunteer Tax Preparers

November 6, 2019 12:41pm

We received this call for volunteers from United Way to help find tax preparers for families that need help filing returns.

“Every year in Washington State, low- and middle-income families and individuals struggle to pay the bills and keep food on the table. During tax time, it can make an unstable situation even worse. Not only is Washington’s tax system the most regressive in the nation, but predatory tax preparers could charge upwards of $300 for a tax return, and may not tell their clients about certain credits or saving opportunities they might qualify for.

Clare visited one of our United Way tax sites. She was a single mother of two making $30,000 a year. She struggled to pay her housing and grocery expenses. During her time with our Free Tax Campaign volunteers, she received a $3,000 refund at absolutely no cost. This meant that she was able to meet some of her basic needs to support her two children.

In 2019, our amazing volunteers helped 21,975 people by bringing back $30.1 million in tax refunds and credits in the process. For many of our clients, this helps them to cover the cost of basic needs like food and shelter. For this upcoming tax season, we’re hoping to make an even bigger impact in our community. To do this, we need your help. 

We rely on our talented team of volunteers to make this possible. Join us and fight against poverty. We provide free comprehensive training that will boost your skills, and help reach the people who need it most. No prior tax experience needed.”

Two of the closest locations to Green Lake are:

1.       North Seattle College (9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103)

2.       Seattle Public Library, University Branch (5009 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105)

Visit www.uwkc.org/taxvolunteer to find out more.


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Reminder To Lock Your Car At Night

November 1, 2019 10:14am

We received a good reminder from a fellow Greenlaker, Zac, who said, “Just wanted to share a warning to the neighborhood that prowlers have been cruising around at night, and to keep car doors locked and not to leave any valuables in them, even if hidden.
Our dumb luck: twice this week our cars were broken into by prowlers. That is, we thought our doors were locked, but apparently not. No windows were smashed (it’s possible they jimmied the doors open, but my hunch is we just neglected to check that they were indeed locked). Both times the contents of our glove boxes and consoles were emptied onto the seat. Luckily nothing of value was taken, as we tend not to keep valuables in the car.”

We have all been there. In fact, this happened to our car this week as well! Life is busy, but a good reminder to keep your doors locked.


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