Introducing Seattle Greenlaker

May 11, 2014 4:54am

welcomeHi, I’m Sarah and you’ll be hearing more from myself and our contributors here at Seattle Greenlaker. Since announcing the launch of this blog a few weeks ago, we’ve had a lot of questions about why we decided to do this and the answer is simple: Green Lake needs a neighborhood blog. For three years Amy Duncan wrote the wonderful MyGreenLake blog, but ever since that transitioned to EveryBlock, which has since folded, there’s been a void of information in the neighborhood. We are excited to change that.

Think of Seattle Greenlaker as more of a magazine rather than a newspaper. Posts will be from several local contributors covering the news, upcoming events, the park, people and the history of our wonderful neighborhood.

Thanks for coming and we hope you’ll return often. If you see something you want covered, or have feedback for us, please let us know. This blog is for you (maybe even about you), the Seattle Greenlaker.

Editor, Seattle Greenlaker