The Park

An Urban Hike in Woodland Park & Phinney Ridge

June 3, 2014 10:27am

Recently we went on a great walk exploring Woodland Park and Phinney Ridge from Green Lake. Here’s our route and some of the sights to see along the way.

  • Start at the Seattle Bathhouse Theater parking lot and head towards the south end of the lake.
  • Take a stop and see the turtles on their logs in Green Lake.
  • Continue south, and cross out of Green Lake into Woodland Park. Climb up the hill to explore the park grounds, taking in the views down to Green Lake.
  • Cross the southernmost pedestrian overpass (an interesting experience in and of itself) and head into Upper Woodland Park. This puts you near the entrance to Woodland Park Zoo, where you can explore the Rose Garden.
  • Head west to Phinney Avenue, then follow it north, exploring  the shops along Phinney. Stop in at Rudy’s for a haircut (like we did).
  • Refuel at Ridge Pizza for the return walk down Phinney Ridge, through the quiet side streets, and back to where you started.

The whole “hike” will take 2-3 hours depending on how much you stop. It’s a great way to discover some new and unexplored areas beyond Green Lake.