Ask a Greenlaker: PCC’s Terry Richburg

June 11, 2014 7:00am


When I first met Terry Richburg, Produce Clerk at Aurora PCC, he had cut half of a juicy mango and plopped it right into a kid’s little hand. The kid was surprised the mom was pleasantly amused. Richburg has worked for PCC Natural Markets for five years. A greater Green Lake resident for more than 16 years, he spends quite a lot of time here. Even though Richburg doesn’t have any kids of his own, he’s got a way with kids. We chatted with him to find out more about his background and of course pick his brain about the world of fruit.

terry_pccHow did you learn about fruit? 

My former PCC co-worker Nathan Koepp. He was really passionate about it and I learned a lot from him.

How do you pick out a good piece of fruit? 

Appearance, feel and touch. There’s a normally a bright, glow to it. It’s hard to explain, but you gotta go by the feel.

What’s up with giving kids free fruit?

It’s a PCC policy. Every kid receives a free piece of fruit every time they shop.

I see kids having a bad day and the worst thing is to see a kid cry. So I say ‘hey, you know what I got? Some new fruit. You gotta try this plum!’ All of the sudden they are just calm.

Kids come in and just want candy. I give them fruit and the kids and parents just love that.

What’s your favorite thing about living in the neighborhood? 

The people. The people are just so friendly. They make time to talk to you and you don’t find that anymore. When you do, it’s an awesome thing.

Any hidden gems in the produce section that may surprise people? 

The Diva apple. It’s got the perfect name.

Disclosure: PCC Natural Markets is an advertiser on Seattle Greenlaker.