Catching up with Amy Duncan

June 25, 2014 6:24am
Amy and her youngest daughter, Skye.

Amy and her youngest daughter, Skye.

The name Amy Duncan probably sounds familiar. It should. For several years Amy ran the blog My Green Lake, a predecessor and huge inspiration behind the start of Seattle Greenlaker. She has since moved on from blogging, but is still active in the community, so we thought we’d check in with her to see what she was up to.

What have you been up to since My Green Lake came to a close?

After My Green Lake wrapped up, I worked as a Breaking News Social Curator at NBC Digital and as a Social Media Producer at KIRO Radio and KIRO 7. I finished up at KIRO 7 a few weeks ago and just started as Rick Steves’ Social Media Specialist.

What are some of your favorite hidden gems in Green Lake?

There are lots of nooks and crannies in our neighborhood – it is so much more than the (wonderful!) park that everyone always thinks of. One of my favorite areas is 65th and Latona, a couple of blocks up from Tacoas Guyamas and Peet’s. This micro-neighborhood is really turning into something great.

Of course, you’ll find the delicious Latona Pub and cozy Café Lulu at this intersection. If you haven’t checked out the new-ish breakfast spot The Dish, you’ve got to get down there (weekdays are better bets than busy weekends).

There is a well-priced antique shop, called Ageing Fancies, right across from The Dish. It’s got funky hours, but if you walk by and it’s open, definitely pop in.

And, in that same little cluster of shops and restaurants, you’ll find Green Lake’s best kept secret: a fantastic preschool and elementary after-school program called Little Explorers. We’ve tried out a few different preschool options in the neighborhood and this is definitely the best. Our neighborhood kids are extremely lucky to have such a great program at their disposal.

Green Lake Elementary, just a bit down the street on 65th, also qualifies as a “hidden gem” in a way, because it is so small and not as difficult to get into as schools like JSIS. I can’t say enough about this school and I recommend every family in the neighborhood consider it, even if you have been planning on going on the independent school route. You can’t beat the price (or lack there of!) and the location, and it truly feels like a private school. The classes are small and there are a ton of extra curriculum and after-school options, thanks to a very hard-working PTA.

What are you looking forward to doing in Green Lake this summer?

Eating tacos and drinking Corona outside Tacos Guaymas, paddleboating around the lake, bringing my kids to the water play area outside the new PCC, checking out new restaurants Lucia and Shelter Lounge, eating Zoe yogurt and Ben & Jerry’s, taking my kids to the Green Lake library for the new STEM summer reading program and sitting on the top deck of Starbucks with an iced latte.

Best of luck Amy on your new gig!