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Green Lake Boating Classes

June 27, 2014 6:49am
Courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation

Courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation

This summer, the Green Lake Small Craft Center has a variety of courses for all ages and experience levels in rowing, sailing, canoeing and kayaking.

Courses for youth ages 10-18 feature a variety of boating sports:

  • Youth Rowing (Grades 8-12/Ages 13-18): Youth gain a sense of accomplishment and pride as they work to meet the physical and mental challenges of rowing.
  • Youth Introduction to Canoe/Kayak (Ages 10-18): Participants learn water safety and basic paddling skills in an assortment of canoes and kayaks.
  • Youth Sailing Camp (Ages 10-17): Kids learn sailing skills in week-long summer camps, using the Topper sailboats at Green Lake.
  • Youth Sailing Camp II (Ages 10-17): Expand sailing skills and technique, open to sailors who have had at least one week of sailing camp during the summer of 2013 or later, or have an advanced beginner’s proficiency from another sailing club.
  • Youth Adventure Camp (Ages 11-14): Canoeing, kayaking and sailing on Green Lake, in addition to tennis, golf, swimming and field trips.

Adult classes are geared toward those 16 and older, and are also available in a variety of boating sports:

  • Adult Rowing (Ages 18+): Whether you’re new to rowing or are picking the sport up again, the center offers courses for all experience levels.
  • Adult Introduction to Canoe/Kayaking (Ages 16+): On-the-water courses designed to build paddling skills for safe canoeing and kayaking, whether it be solo or in a group boat.
  • Adult Learn to Sail (Ages 18+): Take advantage of the Seattle breeze with Toppers – learn rigging, sailing theory, water safety and more.

Space is available but courses are filling up quickly. To register or for more information about times for each course, please call 206-684-4074, or visit