Find Your Happy Place: Best Greenlake Patios

July 18, 2014 5:59am

Summer Time Happy Place. Everyone has one. Maybe it’s on the beach, with your toes in the sand. Or it’s next to a campfire, or on a hiking trail, or splashing around in the wading pool with the kiddos. For me, nothing says summer more than a cocktail on a sunny patio.  I just moved to Greenlake a few months ago but I’ve already found a few new Happy Places (and one more I’m dying to try).

via Tacos Guyamas Facebook.

Tacos Guyamas. If you asked my husband about his Summer Time Happy Place it would probably involve guacamole. Tacos Guyamas has a good one, which is best enjoyed on their vibrant patio with a margarita in hand and a view of the lake. Oh, and they have a great happy hour too, in case you needed another reason to go like yesterday.

via Duke’s.

Duke’s Chowder House. You can’t say “patio” and “Greenlake” in the same sentence without the word “Duke’s.” After moving to Seattle from the Midwest I still haven’t gotten my fill of amazing fresh seafood, and Duke’s has the best. Oh, and calling their happy hour with $5 cocktails and a huge list of munchies under $10 “amazing” would be an understatement. If you need to find me later I will have my face in a bowl of mussels.


Greenlake Bar & Grill. $5 Spicy Mac & Cheese Balls. A sunny, fun patio within stumbling distance from the lake. Fresh-squeezed cocktails and a small yet decent beer list. Did I say $5 Spicy Mac & Cheese Balls? The rest of their happy hour menu is pretty great too.

via Elysian Brewing.

Elysian Tangletown. One of the many great beer joints in the area, this place boasts a great patio too. Even if you can’t snag a seat outside, the whole place feels like a patio when the garage doors are open on a sunny, breezy day. My daughter could live on their fries – which are only $2 during happy hour – but I’m pretty sure they have other food too.

via Tripadvisor.

Bongos. This newish Cuban joint just off Aurora features a big, beachy patio. One Yelper says it’s “better than Paseo.” We haven’t been yet, but them’s fighting words. Can’t wait to check it out.

What did I miss? Anything else this neighborhood newbie needs to try?