5 Ways to Survive SR 99 Closures and Keep Your Sanity

August 22, 2014 6:00am

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If you haven’t already heard, another “carpocolypse” is coming to Seattle, but this time it hits a bit closer to Green Lake. The traffic woes will affect anyone traveling on SR 99 trying to get into or out of downtown from 10 p.m. on Friday August 22, to 5 a.m. on Wednesday August 27.  And, since all of the commuters from SR 99 will be forced to find alternative routes, I-5 is expected to be a sea of brake lights as well. According to The Seattle Times, 36,000 commuters will be affected.

So what’s a 9-to-5er to do?

Metro offers several tips, such as allowing more time to commute, traveling at non-peak times and not relying on the bus tracking programs that are tied to your smart phone app because the wait times won’t be reliable (are they ever really though?).

Here’s a few Green Laker tips to help you get through it all:

  1. Start planning your podcasts now. Consider learning how to say ‘this traffic sucks’ in a new language. Spanish lessons anyone?
  2. Drive with a friend or a neighbor. You’ll still be stuck in traffic, but at least you can talk to someone.
  3. Take a vacation day or two and enjoy Green Lake. Now is the perfect time to learn how to paddle board.
  4. Bike it. Take to the surface streets and bike to work. Use this bike route map to help.
  5. Swing by a Green Lake breakfast spot and grab some food to go (like a breakfast burrito or a box of donuts) and dine while others around you going .5 mph look miserable and hungry.

Well, it’s a start anyway.

What are you going to do to avoid the traffic and keep your sanity?