Four Ways To Have the Perfect Green Lake Picnic

August 13, 2014 6:31am


1) Take It Easy, Martha Stewart. Sure, if you want to go all Ina Garten and take the time to make Barbequed Chicken and Smoked Salmon Spread and Meringues with Cassis and Raspberries for your picnic, I will totally support your endeavor and I will also crash that lovely picnic and eat all of your leftovers. For the rest of us that want to picnic on a Tuesday and don’t feel like doing all that work after, well, WORK, go to PCC and pick up some Smoked Mozzerella Pasta Salad and Perfect Protein Salad and Thai Steak Salad then go to Chocolati for dessert and call it a day.

2) Find The Perfect Spot. One would think that finding a spot to picnic is easy – just throw a blanket down in the grass, Picky McPickerson – but it’s not as straightforward as you think. Your spot needs to be dry, flat, mud-free, sunny but not too sunny, shady but not too shady, and have a nice view of both the lake and the running path for optimal views/people watching. That’s a lot to ask out of a patch of grass. Our current favorite spot is in the bend on the northeast side of the lake, just west of the boat rental shed.

3) Grab a Blanket. You were going to sit on the grass? Put your blanket to work for you by wrapping up your wine with it (thanks Martha!) or if you really want to upgrade you could pick up this one that has, yes, speakers.

4) Add The Relevant Supplies. Now that you’ve got the necessities, add some bonus items. A few beverages, your dog, frisbee, tightrope…hey, it’s your party, you know what you need to make it complete.

Now share your favorite picnic secrets in the comments so I can steal them.