Is Green Lake a Lightning Rod?

August 4, 2014 5:56am

Is Green Lake a lightning rod? After Saturday’s thunder storm, we are starting to wonder.

A man was struck by lightning in Green Lake Park on Saturday after trying to capture the storm on video. He got his footage of the storm and video’d the moment he was struck by lightning.

A (slightly graphic) video posted by KOMO news shows his footage from the field. The video seems harmless with a  sunny day and a few clouds until a flash in front of the camera throws the man to the ground. KOMO news reports that the man is fine, even called the experience “amazing.”

A Green Lake garage also caught fire late Saturday morning when lightning struck a nearby tree and ignited the structure, according to the Seattle Fire Twitter account. No injuries were reported and the blaze was extinguished.

And a Green Lake lightning storm also made news back in March of this year when a Green Lake church was struck and blasted a hole in its roof, according to The Seattle Times.

So, Greenlakers, it may be time for a little refresher on what to do during a lightning storm, courtesy of NOAA:

  • When outside during a thunderstorm, get inside to find shelter immediately.
  • Safe shelters are a substantial building with electricity or plumbing or an enclosed, metal topped vehicle with the windows up.
  • Do not go outside until 30 minutes after you hear the last thunder clap.
  • If you can’t get to safe shelter:
  • Get off elevated areas such as hills
  • Never lie flat on the ground
  • Never find shelter under a tree
  • Immediately get off and away from bodies of water (such as ponds and lakes)