Mockingbird Books Story Hour and More

August 5, 2014 6:16am

A Green Lake tot brushes up on her dinosaur names at a recent story time.

Mockingbird Books has been my go-to local bookstore since moving to Green Lake. I’ve been hooked (more like enchanted by the place) ever since walking into the shop alongside an army of  little girls followed by a pizza delivery guy with a stack of pies. Turns out Mockingbird Books hosts book groups for all ages and each come with free (yes, free) pizza. What’s not to love!?

Thanks to a tip (thank you Erin!) and the recent Mockingbird Books newsletter, I discovered that Green Lake’s equivalent of The Shop Around the Corner has a variety of events throughout the month, including:


This free (almost daily) event has a constantly rotating roster of books with staff members handpicked selections. Local authors also stop by to read their books aloud for the group.

When: Every day at 11 a.m. (except Sundays). Although all ages are welcome, story time is geared towards newborn to six year olds.

Book Groups

Resident bookseller Sue Nevins hosts four book groups every month. All are free and include pizza and kid-friendly chit chat.


When: Graphic novels (ages 7-10) 2nd Friday of the month

Adult (all ages) 3rd Tuesday of the month
Girls (ages 6-10) 3rd Wednesday of the month
Boys (ages 11-14) 3rd Friday of the month

For this month’s themes and books, go to their website to learn more.

Mockingbird books is located at 7220 Woodlawn Ave. NE (206)518-5886.