North Seattle Burglaries Being Ignored?

September 26, 2014 7:57am

A bit of news caught our attention recently that ran on both KOMO and Wallyhood.

The cliff notes version is this:

A leaked police memo to KOMO indicates that north precinct police are short staffed. Really short staffed. Fourteen officers¬†used to service our area and the rest of the precinct but that number is down to two – sometimes three. According to a police source quoted by KOMO “unless burglary detectives have a suspect name, evidence photos or surveillance footage and complete witness interviews it’s unlikely the case will get worked on.”

Wallyhood gives data and possible explanations for the reason behind the staff cuts.

Bottomline: We are a close knit neighborhood, but make sure to lock your doors. Use precautions and if you see something call it in. Watch out for your neighbors.