What’s Going on in West Green Lake/Aurora?

September 18, 2014 6:12am

Reader Lynne, noticed that there were lots of changes on the West side of the lake along Aurora and wanted to know what was going on.

Here’s what we found out:

Aurora Suzuki Inc. 

After being in business for 50 years, the owners of Aurora Suzuki on Winona Avenue and Aurora Avenue are planning to retire and close their store on September 30th. No word on what will take over the location.

The Purple Store and the surrounding buildings: 

In June, a land use appeal was filed on that property at Aurora and N 77th St. If the project proceeds the new structure would require the demolition of the building currently housing the Purple Store, NW Audio Services and Kung Fu Club of Seattle, making way for a 4-story structure that would contain 34 residents and retail space. According to City permits, this is still in discussion.

Butch’s Guns 

It appears that Green Lake’s gun shop has shuttered… maybe. The signs have been removed and the website has been taken offline. The thing that has us stumped is that work is still being done on updating HVAC and electrical in the gun shop and living space above, according to the city permits.

Side note: Three years ago Butch’s was for sale.

New business on Keen Way and Aurora Ave?  

On the corner of Keen Way and Aurora (near the Shell station) it appears that the old fruit stand is getting a face lift. A for lease sign has been taken down and crews have been cleaning up the blackberry bushes and working on the interior of the small structure that has been vacant for more than a year. No word on the next tenant. Developers had been eyeing that location for a potential apartment complex but no additional permits have been issued and there is no proposed land use action for that plot of land.

Stay tuned.