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Friends of Green Lake Call For Help From Residents

October 28, 2014 6:15am


A message on the Friends of Green Lake (FOGL) Facebook page earlier this week caught our eye. FOGL, the folks who monitor Green Lake for water clarity, temperature and other factors have raised several red flags to show how much Green Lake is deteriorating. Recently they shared concerns of wildlife leaving the area because of the condition of the lake and pointed to a graphic of a Great Blue Heron standing in murky (algae polluted) water. They are urging the community to reach out to City Council members to ask them to budget for an alum treatment, which was last added to Green Lake eight years ago and helped keep the water clear.

Here’s their letter:

Green Lake is ill. For three straight years, toxic algae blooms have kept swimmers and dogs out of the water in late summer and fall. This jewel of a lake needs help. A successful alum treatment in 2003 brought eight years of clear water. Please write a message to the City Council Members, urging them to budget for the studies and permits for another alum treatment. Send your message as soon as possible. They are currently working on the budget. If you can’t think what to say, some ideas follow.

Write to the City Council at USPS mail to Councilmember Nick Licata, Attn: Emilia Sanchez, Deputy City Clerk, PO Box 94728, Seattle, WA 98124-4728; or fax to (206) 386-9025; or e-mail to Council@Seattle.Gov.
What you might write:
“Dear Council Member,”
• I love to go to Green Lake, but there are closure signs all around and in places it looks and smells disgusting.
• or) I like to walk at Green Lake, but in places the lake looks and smells bad.
• or) I love to swim across Green Lake, but the lake has been closed to swimming all fall.
• or) Our children love to swim at the Green Lake, but the beaches were closed early this year because of the toxic algae.
• or) My granddaughter is in the rowing program at Green Lake and I have warned her not to swallow the water if her shell capsizes.
• or) I wanted to rent a stand-up paddle-board (or canoe, or kayak, or sailboat) but the concession was closed because of the toxic algae.
• or) My business depends on people who come to Green Lake, but fewer people come when the lake is sick.
• or) I live near Green Lake and don’t want my property values to go down because Green Lake is toxic.
“Please allocate immediate funding for the studies and permitting that are essential for cleaning up Green Lake. Without 2015 funding, there will almost certainly be two more summer/fall seasons of toxic algae and lake closures. Thousands of people use Green Lake every day. Please fund its clean up!
“_____________________” (Name) “_____________________” (Neighborhood)