Never Underestimate the Power of a Wiener

October 10, 2014 6:31am


They came, they saw, they waddled.

Last weekend, we tagged along with a horde of plucky dachshunds, which rocks the lake path from 10-11am the first weekend of the month, typically Sunday. Determination was never so darned cute, and they grabbed plenty of attention.

Gretel and Chester hiking credit: Jessica Rhae Williams

Gretel and Chester hiking credit: Jessica Rhae Williams

“Oh, it’s the Wiener Walk,” said one park worker to another, knowingly.

The group is galvanized by Jessica Rhae Williams, founder of the Adventureweiner Club, whose mission is to get small dogs more exercise. She says Doxies tend to like other Doxies, so the groups meld easily (this group welcomed my lab mix with grace).  Her blog, You Did What With Your Wiener, / (yup, that’s the name) chronicles the athletic exploits of her dogs, Chester and Gretel who, like true Seattlites, paddleboard, kayak, hike and snowshoe.

Once the group was power-waddling past some practicing crew teams at Green Lake, when a coach yelled through his megaphone “Faster! You’re rowing at the speed of wiener dogs!”

Dachshunds come in smooth-, wire- and longhaired, and standard and miniature sizes. Bred as badger hunters combining the nose of a hound with the fearlessness of a terrier, they are are generally fast, agile, loving, playful and a wee bit stubborn.  Oh, and they have powerful lungs, too.

Between the dachshunds and the corgis , weekend mornings are filling up with pint-sized pooch power.  Should any mastiff meetups arise, we’ll let you know.

Explore some of the photos from the event below.