The Park

The Seattle Parks District and What It Means for Green Lake

November 19, 2014 6:11am


So the Seattle Parks District proposition passed earlier this summer. Now what? What does that mean for Green Lake?

We asked Seattle Park’s Department rep David Takami what we could expect in 2015 and beyond.

There are a lot of projects that are slated for Green Lake as part of the Parks District. What takes priority?

Priorities for projects funded through the Major Maintenance fund within the District and will follow the priorities established in Parks Asset Management Plan. Simply put these priorities are based on criteria such as safety, code requirements, preserving building usability and long-term building life.

So what does that include in Green Lake Park? 

Several projects are slated through 2018, including but not limited to:

  • Roof replacement projects including a solar component to reduce heating and pool heating costs at Evans Pool/Green Lake Community Center
    Electrical and mechanical renovations to the Green Lake Community Center
  • A Green Lake community center space renovation
  • Green Lake Allum treatment
  • Green Lake Park Bathhouse Theater Comfort Station renovation
  • For the full list, see the asset management plan.

Will the Parks District change the way Green Lake is managed?

No management change, but you should see improved maintenance, especially with the added peak season maintenance provided by Park District funds.

If I understand correctly, 2015 will be when the District gets itself organized with hiring a staff, etc. What about projects that may need funding earlier. Who decides on those?

The Park District will have a $10 million budget in 2015. This budget was approved by the City Council when it adopted the Interlocal Agreement last spring, and also more recently by the Park District Board (also the City Council). Right now the Council/District Board are reviewing the 2015 budget and formal adoption scheduled for Nov. 24. We do not anticipate any significant changes from the budget approved in the Interlocal Agreement.

Anything else we should know about the new District?

Applications for people wanting to serve on the Park District Community Oversight Committee have been received and are being reviewed by a committee of community members. We expect to have the committee in place by the first of the year.