CouchFest Comes To Green Lake Dec. 6

December 1, 2014 6:18am

via Couchfest

When I first heard about a Green Lake resident that was opening his home to strangers to watch movies I was a bit skeptical. What kind of movies are we talking here? And is this safe?

Then I heard that it was part of a bigger event called CouchFest, an annual movie night that brings movie lovers from across the city together to experience short films in a more intimate setting than a movie theatre. The event takes place on Saturday December 6 and much like going to a theatre, moviegoers purchase tickets for a showing and get directions to the home where the movie is playing.
We found one in Green Lake and chatted with the host, Tye, to find out what made him want to participate in this unique event:

Can you explain Couchfest for those that are new to the event?
It’s new for me, too! As I understand it, Couchfest is a great way for strangers to bond over films in a communal setting that promotes conversation better than any movie theater.

How long have you been doing this?
This is my first year.

What movie are you going to be hosting at your house?
Honestly I’m not sure yet. O the suspense!
Spoiler alert: We found the full list here.

Why do participate?
Because events like this are what make Seattle special. SIFF is a more mainstream and established version, relatively speaking, but in general the arts are a huge part of Seattle. And Seattle is a huge part of me. Less provincial even, it’s just nice to meet new people and talk about films, and little more in depth than usual.

How much room in your home do you have for something like this?
It’s the downstairs living room, so about a dozen people can feel cozy.

To purchase tickets for Tye’s event or any other occurring throughout the city, go to Couchfest Films.