Greenlaker Clarke Gray Wins Award

December 17, 2014 6:30am

Photo via Parkways blog

Ever wonder about that small brick building that houses concessions and the Green Lake Boat Rentals? Years ago Clarke Gray built it in exchange for a 10-year concession agreement. Clarke also brought small row boats, paddle boars, sail boats and paddle boards to the lake through the boat rental service, which I don’t have to tell you, is a very popular activity during the summer!

With all of these Green Lake firsts it only makes sense that Clarke would get a little recognition, which is exactly what happened this past week when the Seattle Parks Department honored him with a Denny Award, specifically the Making a Difference Award.

The Denny Awards are named after David T. and Louisa Denny, who donated land for the first Seattle park in 1884  and what is now known as Denny Park.

According to the Parks Dept Parkways Blog, Clarke has been working with the Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Green Lake community for almost 40 years.

“Beyond his successful business, Clarke has built community goodwill by offering many free hours of use of his equipment for the regattas at the lake and for summer camps for kids. In addition, he has allowed Parks’ Small Craft Center at Green Lake and the Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center on Lake Washington to borrow and test his boats. He eventually sells the water craft to the City at cost,” according to the Parkways blog.

Clarke has also provided his boats for rescue efforts in several potential drownings at Green Lake.

Let’s hear it for Clarke! Thanks for adding so much to the Green Lake community!