Seattle Curbed’s Neighborhood of the Year: Will it be Green Lake?

December 19, 2014 7:30am


Who doesn’t like a little bragging rights? Seattle Curbed has launched its Curbed Cup, its annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament! Previous winners include Greenwood in 2014, Fremont in 2013 and Ballard in 2012.

The candidates will be presented in two match-ups per day through this week, results to be reviewed on Friday. Polls are only open for 24 hours, and, with Green Lake on the docket yesterday (pegged up against the hip and ever evolving Belltown), we’re happy to share Green Lake won by a landslide, taking 90% of votes.

Green Lake, as described by Seattle Curbed:

“In the other corner…Green Lake. Sure Green Lake has shops and restaurants and trendy places to hang out, but it’s got a lake. How cool is that? Actually very cool if you jump in. But, hey, people do strange things there – like race milk carton canoes. Where else can you do laps for miles without having to worry about traffic lights? Watch out for the baby strollers though. Some of them come by pretty fast. You know it was bigger long ago, right?”

So what makes a neighborhood “Curbed Cup” worthy? As stated on the website…”It’s a neighborhood that saw the most exciting things happen in 2013. We’re talking new restaurants (check), new development (Green Lake Village anyone?), newly-created parklets (we have the park), awesome retail openings (check) and that certain undefinable sense that this neighborhood is better than all the rest (absolutely check).”

Green Lake will now move onto the second round, to be pegged against a to-be-determined neighborhood. We will share more news once we have it, but in the meantime follow Seattle Curbed for updates on the standings. You can see all the match-ups here: