St. Andrew’s Raises the Roof with Solar Panels

February 2, 2015 7:00am

Retired Rector Peter Strimer and current parishioner J.B. Hoover who spearheaded the solar project at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Photo via St. Andrew’s

St. Andrew’s Church near Green Lake will be the first Episcopal church in Seattle to produce its own clean energy thanks to some newly installed solar panels. The solar project is being installed today, but has been part of an effort to become more energy efficient over the past several years. The project was funded by the congregation, who raised $45,000 and received incentives from Seattle City Light and a grant from the bishop.

“These incentives will average $1,560 a year until 2020,” said parishioner J.B. Hoover. (These incentives are on top of savings from reduced consumption.) “St. Andrew’s would be decreasing our electricity consumption by close to 15 to 20% for the life of the system – 30 to 40 years.”