Meet Green Lake Artist Steve Reddy

February 26, 2015 7:25am

Sketch by Steve Reddy

Playful, whimsical, perspective bending and jam-packed with detail… this is, in a nutshell, the art of Steve Reddy. They do indeed require some careful looking. But, be patient and you will be rewarded!

Steve is also a Green Lake resident and I reached out to him to learn more about his great sketches.

SG: What are some of your favorite places/subjects to sketch in Green Lake?

Steve: I’m drawn to dense detail. I don’t draw the lake, sunsets, trees, that sort of thing, as I feel they’re already nice to look at. I try to find things that need my help: a tangle of telephone lines, a dilapidated building, mismatched plastic chairs in a school computer lab. Homeowners commission me to draw their houses, place of business, studios, etc. and I love doing that.

SG: How long does it take on average to do a sketch?

Steve: The grayscale is all done on location and takes about an hour. Longer if I’m chatting with friends, reading the paper, eating and drinking coffee. It’s a very relaxing, meditative experience that I don’t rush. I usually apply the color later in my studio while listening to music and multitasking so it’s hard to generalize how long it takes. Maybe two hours of actual work time.

SG: How do you go about making a sketch in Green Lake?  Do you have a location in mind, or are these spontaneous?

Steve: I make mental notes (sometimes literal notes in my journal) about possible locations that I come across. I always have many more plans for drawings than time to make them. I carry my materials in my satchel in case I see something “draw-worthy.” I get commissions to draw private homes and businesses. Sometimes it’s a planned outing with my partner who also sketches, or I’m meeting up with the Seattle Urban Sketchers for a sketch-crawl.


Sketch by Steve Reddy

SG:  I saw on your website you did a whole series dedicated to Green Lake coffee shops, love it!  What is it about these places that attract you as an artist?

Steve: Coffee shops are perfect winter subjects because the locations are cluttered with a lot of things to draw. Also, there are chairs and hot coffee and snacks if I get hungry. I can sit as long as needed, with or without earbuds, rain or shine. When the weather is nice, I prefer to draw outdoors.

SG: Besides your website, where else can we find your art (plug your book Steve!)?

Steve: The second edition of my book, Now Where Was I? An Illustrated Journal, will be republished this summer along with the sequel, This Is Then, That Was Now. I will be letting everyone know where and when to get it on my website,

Thanks Steve!