New Development on Ravenna: Crosby Green Lake

March 16, 2015 7:25am

GreenLake01_updated canopies

A new apartment complex just broke ground in Green Lake that is anticipated to have 62 apartment units and 10 parking spaces. But before we get our neighborhood nostrils flaring or utter the development curse word that begins with an A (hint: apodment) you should hear more about this development.

The project, currently called Crosby Green Lake at 414 Ravenna Blvd., encourages and seeks out tenants who use mass transit or bike instead of owning a car. In a Green Lake Community Council meeting last fall, project developer Jeff Tretheway explained how tenants would be rewarded for not having a car. For example, of the 10 parking spaces available, five are slated to be electric smart cars that are available for the tenants to use. (Sounds like a mini-Car2go plan, no?). Additionally tenants will receive a discount on their rent if they agree not to own a car while living at Crosby Green Lake. In some cases, tenants could save up to $600 a year on their rent, he said.

Tretheway said this kind of development is a new concept and a bit of “a test,” but specifically designed to be in an area that is right along the bus route and near the light rail when that opens in 2021.

The four-story development will include a mix of three upper levels of apartments with ground floor for retail and a few additional apartments. The parking will be below-grade.

The construction phase is anticipated to take 12- 14 months, which puts completion in the spring 2016.

So Greenlakers… what do you think about this new development?