Gone Fishing at Green Lake

April 23, 2015 7:59am

Children_fishing_at_Green_Lake_Seattle_1909 copy

It appears that since the early 1900s children have “Gone Fishing” in Green Lake!

According to Brittany Wright, the caption for this 1909 photograph identifies the young boy waving excitedly as the son of a local Green Lake druggist. His little sister, outfitted cozily with earmuffs, is seated nearby in the buggy.

Interestingly, Olmsted’s Green Lake design would have been only approximately one year old at the time that this photograph was taken. Yet, its success is already apparent as it quickly became (and still is) a gathering place for even the youngest of anglers.

Take a look around Green Lake and you will undoubtedly find a similar group of children partaking in this beloved pastime!

Apparently, though time passes, some things never change in Green Lake…