The Park

Rules of the Road: Follow Up

April 8, 2015 7:55am


Okay Greenlakers, you asked and we listened. We were so excited to see the responses from last week’s Rules of the Road article, we wanted to follow up on your questions.

So, we enlisted the help of our friends (and experts) at the Seattle Parks Department:

Q: Where do toddler with small bikes go?
The outer lane is meant for faster-moving wheeled use, so toddler with smaller bikes, especially those with training wheels, are appropriate for the inner lane.

Q: What about strollers? They have wheels too.
A: Strollers, for the same reason, belong in the inner lane.

Q: Why are strollers considered walking and not wheeled? Is it because of speed?
Yes, it’s because of the speed. Most strollers are pushed at a walking or slow jogging pace.

Q: Is there a certain direction to go around the lake? There are conflicting signs.
While walking or running, we recommend clockwise. Both directions are fine. We ask that bicyclists and skaters go counterclockwise in the outer lane.

Q: What about skateboarders. Especially the guy being pulled by his dog?
Outside lane because of the speed.

Did we miss anything? Leave additional questions below.