Volunteers Needed for Green Lake Water Quality Project

April 7, 2015 7:39am

Want to be part of the water quality effort for Green Lake? Have access to a kayak, rowboat or canoe? Volunteers are needed for water quality sampling, which begins May 3 and continues until October 18.

The program is done through the King county Lake Stewardship program who provides equipment, training and support. Samples are collected at an anchored float located at the deepest part of the Lake, approximately in front of the Hearthstone residences. Sampling has been done by Friends of Green Lake volunteers from kayaks every summer since 2004. Data from these previous samplings were used to help evaluate the effectiveness of the 2004 Alum Treatment and plan for the 2016 Treatment.

Here’s more details provided by Friends of Green Lake:

Sampling is performed at an anchored buoy about 100 yards offshore, opposite Sunnyside Avenue, on the east side of the lake. Sampling has been done from kayaks, rowboats, and canoes and requires the sampling party to be comfortable and competent in a small boat.

Monitorling includes measuring water temperature, clarity with a Secchi Disk, and using a Van Dorn sampler to get a 1 liter water sample from 1 meter below the surface.

Usually notes are also made about weather, the number of anglers and geese. Two times each summer, temperature and water samples are added at mid-depth and the bottom of the lake to get a profile of changes with depth.

If you are interested, please email or phone Richard Fleming, President – Friends of Green Lake at – or 206-525-1974.