Community Council to Discuss Green Lake’s Algae

May 12, 2015 7:44am

With summer around the corner many Greenlakers are thinking about spending time swimming in Green Lake. While our beautiful lake has been one of the city’s most popular swimming areas, the toxic algae blooms that form when the lake temperatures rise has many wondering if, or when, Green Lake will close this summer.

This Wednesday’s Green Lake Community Council meeting will include a discussion about Green Lake’s algae from¬†a ¬†Seattle/King county Department of Public Health toxicologist as well as Parks officials. Seattle/King County Department of Public Health directs the Seattle Parks Department on when to post a caution, alert or full closure of the Lake when algae reaches toxic levels. Officials will be on hand to discuss their process for closures and answer any questions from the community.

The Green Lake Community Council meets at the Hearthstone Residences, 6720 East Green Lake Way, N. at 7:00 pm on Wed., May 13.