Construction Begins Wednesday on North Green Lake Drive

May 27, 2015 7:40am

photo via SDOT

If you can avoid using East Green Lake Drive North for the next few weeks, we’d highly recommend it. Construction is set to begin today on the 11 new curb ramps in three intersections at East Green Lake Dr North at Wallingford Ave N, Stroud Ave N and N 78th St. You will likely see crews working in the area until June 26. Construction will occur Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

SDOT crews will be tackling only a few of the curbs at the same time to try to minimize the amount of traffic and congestion in that area.

The new curb ramps will allow that area to meet federal guidelines.

Detours will be available to reroute pedestrians or you can avoid that part of Green Lake by walking along the Green Lake Path on that side of the lake.

SDOT will also install a concrete bus pad at the bus stop in front of the Urban Bakery (on the north side of E Green Lake Dr N at Wallingford Ave N [westbound] for the #48 bus.) The asphalt pavement currently looks like some sort of lava flow emerged in that area, melting the road, which is actually the result of heavy vehicle traffic. The new pad will be better suited to carry heavy loads (such as buses) and will result in a smoother and longer-lasting surface for bikers, cars and bus riders, according to SDOT.

Green Lake Curb Ramp Construction Map final