Green Lake Blogger to Chronicle Bike Ride Through Napa

May 6, 2015 7:28am

unnamed-1Greenlaker Jill Ginsberg is setting out on an adventure and hoping to inspired others along the way. On Mother’s Day she’s heading out on an extensive bike ride through Napa Valley. Jill will be chronicling her adventure in a series of blog posts called “40 Ways to Get Back in the Saddle.”
“The posts will include real, actionable nutrition, fitness and stress reduction tips for other local adventurous moms like me,” says Jill.

Before she heads out we asked her a few questions:

SG: Why were you inspired to do this project?

Jill: The inspiration for this project came when I realized that, although I’m turning 40, my biggest adventures are ahead of me. For about five years I’ve been dreaming about going on a cycling tour for my 40th birthday. But I gave up on the idea as the time approached because of various life circumstances, particularly chronic back pain.
I decided to go on the trip anyhow, and write about it. If I was struggling to bring my dreams to life, due to certain limitations, then I knew other moms were likely experiencing the same thing.
As a Wellness Coach, it’s my job to help people achieve their goals. So I’m applying the same skills to get myself ready and overcome any obstacles to success.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to continue cycling, to start snowboarding, or or to finally sign up for that class you’ve been thinking about for years – in order to help realize your dreams and get back in the saddle, you need to feel good. Feeling good means having energy and being free of pain and other sources of chronic stress.
That’s what this series is all about … helping people feel their best so they can tackle their own dream adventure, whatever that might be.

SG: Can you describe this series in a nutshell?

Jill: The series, called 40 Ways To Get Back in the Saddle, highlights my battle with chronic back pain, and my efforts to overcome physical, mental, and emotional stressors, to achieve one of my life goals – cycling 200+ miles through California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys. The series humorously chronicles my journey and provides informative tips to help inspire people of all ages to chase their own dreams.
Two local Greenlake businesses, Gregg’s Cycles and Kinetic Sports Rehab, are sponsoring the series.
My cycling trip begins May 10 (Mother’s Day) and ends May 15.

SG: Can you tell me more about The Jillist? How long have you been blogging?

Jill: If there’s one thing the nutrition world needs more of, it’s humor. While some people like to be coddled and have their hand held, there are also people out there who just want someone to tell them, straight up, what the hell to do to make things better. That’s where The Jillist comes in. It’s a lighthearted lifestyle and wellness blog that helps moms get their act together while laughing at the same time. The blog’s content consists of about 50% Wellness Humor and 50% Parenting Humor.
As a Wellness Coach, you have to exercise a tremendous amount of patience and grace when dealing with your clients. That’s exhausting and often inefficient. The Jillist challenges that notion a bit and shows that there’s a different, impactful way of coaching people towards better wellness.

SG: Where can we find some of the posts about your adventures?

Jill: The series consists of 6 posts, some of which have already been posted here:

SG: Thanks Jill and best of luck on your ride!