The Park

Green Lake’s Float Party

June 18, 2015 7:57am

photo via Facebook

Last weekend the west side of Green Lake looked more like an island of plastic floaties. According to a Facebook group created  for the event, called Green Lake Float Party, nearly 10,000 people were invited and 8,000 people attended (or planned to attend).

For many it was the perfect day to float the lake – the weather was in the 80s and many stayed to BBQ. However, one thing was evident both via the Facebook page and if you went to the event – drinking was everywhere.

According to one post on Facebook:

“Im glad all the float buddies are ok today. Remember, if you party, please choose to do it responsibly! Todays incident (whether alcohol related or not) should serve as a reminder that any alcohol related accidents could be trouble for this event. Keep the attending youth in mind as well and set a good example! PS – had a GREAT TIME.”

We also got a tip from a reader who said that someone nearly drown and the police and fire unit had to be called in. While we didn’t see that on the Twitter feed, we did hear it from multiple sources.

While the event seems to be just a big social gathering without any kind of corporate backing there were a lot of commercial connections tied to the event, such as an after party at a nearby nightclub with greenlake float discount codes and discounted rides via Uber for people who drank too much to safely get home.

The next is scheduled for July 25 and, according to Facebook, more than 1,000 people have already been invited.

Just a word of advice: if you attend, remember to keep it safe and follow the rules of the Lake.