Proposed Parking Changes to Green Lake’s Business District

June 19, 2015 7:43am

via SDOT

PARKing is really more of a four letter word in several parts of Green Lake, especially this summer as traffic increases with visitors to the park. So before we tell you that parking changes may be coming to Green Lake, know that you may have a say in those changes.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has a proposal out to make small modifications to on-street parking in the Green Lake business district (on the North east side of the lake).

So… let’s break this down:

Here’s the proposed changes: 

SDOT is proposing a small expansion to the existing paid parking area in Green Lake to add paid parking on six additional blockfaces. Part of the proposal includes  adding unpaid time limits on one additional blockface. (See the graphic above.)

Here’s why they are doing it: 

According to SDOT, “these changes would update the parking regulations to keep pace with new development and ensure reliable access for customers and visitors to the neighborhood.  Blocks proposed for changes are over 90% full for most of the day which leads to drivers circulating on local streets seeking parking.”

And here’s where you can go to give your opinion: 

Feedback is due by July 12 and can be provided by filling out this questionnaire or by sending an email to