Shelter Lounge Opens in Green Lake

June 18, 2015 5:25pm

The bar at Shelter Lounge. Photos by Mike Lemmon

Green Lake’s much anticipated (and much delayed) Shelter Lounge opened for business today at 5:00pm to a line of customers already waiting outside. The restaurant occupies the site of the former Baskin-Robbins on East Green Lake Drive and Northeast 72nd Street.

“The most challenging part of the project was the permitting from the city” said Shelter Lounge partner Kevin Carlson. The project was delayed for weeks because of permits: for new permitting and for changes that needed to be made. Now open, the restaurant and bar will serve a mix of appetizers and pub fare, as well as “Green Lake-inspired cocktails” such as the Olmsted Margarita. And yes, there is happy hour from 4-6pm and after 10pm. Shelter reports that the restaurant now employs 60 staff.

Shelter Lounge says they aim to be a family-friendly destination a bit different from their existing Ballard location. “We want to create place that is relaxed and open to everyone,” Carlson said. Family amenities include covered parking for strollers outside. And to “honor” the Baskin-Robbins that once stood on the site, Shelter plans to open an ice cream shop—that will also serve growlers to go—in their adjacent glass-fronted garage space, slated to open later this summer.