Casting Call: Local Production Company Looking For a Few Good Green Lake Moms

July 20, 2015 7:53am

Calling all Greenlake Moms! Local production company PSG Films is developing a pilot for a documentary series based around the eponymous email list, and they’re looking for stories to potentially feature on the show.

Do you have a special Greenlake Moms story to share? After being part of the GLMs for the last 18 months, I’ve seen GLMs reunite toddler shoes dropped on the running path with their rightful owners, share recommendations for swimming lessons, find lost dogs, cats and (yes) parrots, and exchange countless balance bikes and baby swings.

Maybe a GLM helped you connect with your best friend, or came through when you were in a pinch, or helped you get through a tough time. If so, PSG wants to hear about it.

Here’s a bit more from the producer working on the project:

‘We’re looking to highlight fascinating, exciting, and/or uplifting stories associated with the group and its members, so if you’ve got a particular story to tell, or if you’re really passionate about being a Green Lake Mom, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about something incredible, or unexpected, or amazing that you’ve gotten out of being a Green Lake Mom – whether we’re talking about physical objects, new-found friends, or something else entirely!’

Although the concept is still being formed, and the show doesn’t have a network yet, PSG has worked with TLC, Travel Channel and Lifetime in the past on such shows as “Alaska State Troopers” and “Blood & Oil.” So expect something more heartwarming and documentary-style and less “The Real Housewives of Green Lake.”

Share your story with PSG Films by calling producer Jake Shapley at 907-252-9078 or sending a note to