Changes to Bus Service in Green Lake

July 1, 2015 7:52am

You may have heard the news that earlier this month bus routes around the city were renewed, revised and expanded thanks to investments from Prop 1 that passed in November 2014.

For Green Lake that means bus routes such as 16 and 48:
Specifically, the improvements include:

16: On weekdays, two afternoon peak-period trips to Northgate will be added and four existing trips will be revised to improve service frequency.
48: On weekdays, one morning peak-period trip arriving at 15th Ave NE & NE 45th St in the U-District at 7:55 am will be added. Also, the existing trip ending in the U-District at 8:38 am will be extended to the Mount Baker Transit Center in order to maintain a 10 minute service frequency for the entire length of the route.

For a list of all the routes in and near Green Lake, go to: Metro’s site.

Disclaimer: SDOT is an advertiser for Seattle Greenlaker but did not have editorial review of this post before posting.