Development in Green Lake

July 29, 2015 7:18am

One of the emails I find most often in my inbox are from Green Lakers concerned about development. And with the new proposed changes to Seattle single family zoning and “upzoning,” the emails are increasing.

Tom writes:

“The “upzoning” of the single family zoning is especially disturbing.  The Mayor’s proposal will make it possible for an existing house to be razed and up to three skinny structures to replace it.  This, of course, makes great financial sense for developers who possibly realize about 80% more income by placing three structures rather than one oversize one which we see so often in neighborhoods.”

Kevin writes:

“This proposal will absolutely and permanently redefine our neighbourhood, paving the way for demolitions and low rise residential construction projects.”

The primary is around the corner on August 4 and while a development proposal isn’t on the ballot, the people you elect will have direct influence to many of the development decisions that will shape Seattle and Green Lake.

Voting for City Council positions will be different this year. Now voters will vote by district. If you are in Green Lake, district 6 is your district and these are your City Council candidates. Rock the vote Green Lakers!

John Lisbin

Catherine Weatbrook

Mike O’brien 

Stan Shaufler