Green Lake Artist Steven Reddy Creates Kickstarter For New Book

July 13, 2015 7:28am

You may remember earlier this year we wrote about local artist, Steven Reddy who had his art on display at a few local coffeeshops. Reddy is now doing a Kickstarter for his second book This is Then, That Was Now – an Illustrated Memoir.

Steven is trying to raise $28,000 and has asked for pledges ranging from $5 – $2,500.

His new book is similar to his first book but includes more autobiographical comics and, at the request of some of his students that he teaches here in Seattle, one of the chapters details the process of how he creates the drawings in his book.

For more information, go to Steven’s Kickstarter page. But hurry, you only have a month until the Kickstarter is done.