That Little Postcard in Your Mailbox

September 17, 2015 7:02am

If you haven’t already, chances are you will see it in your mailbox soon. Homeowners in Green Lake were recently sent their 2015 property values via postcard from the Assessors’ Office.

According to the Assessors’ Office, residential properties in the Green Lake/Wallingford area increased by 11 percent. While you may think that an increase in property value will lead to tax hikes, according to the Accessors’ Office (who, by the way sets property valuations, not taxes) there is not a “dollar to dollar correlation between property value increase and future property taxes.” It does offer anyone who needs advice and assistance with property taxes to call the King County Tax Advisor at 206-477-1060 or by email at

As we reported earlier this year you can also check out LocalScape, a new interactive app, to track area and individual property value changes online, along with neighborhood data including census, education, permits and sales.

Green Lake/Wallingford residents are included in Area 43, so you can take a closer look by clicking here. Individual property value history is available by selecting the “My Property” tab.