A Haunted Relic in Green Lake?

October 29, 2015 6:41am


One doesn’t have to look too far to find a historic architectural gem in Green Lake. Case in point is a little, well actually massive, relic that looms large in Green Lake Park. Just what am I’m referring to exactly? The Green Lake Arch, located near our very own Community Center.

This impressive classical piece of architecture was in fact once part of the Martha Washington School for Girls. Built in 1921, the school was located on the shores of Lake Washington and consisted of Georgian-style brick buildings designed by architect Floyd Naramore. The school was operated by the Seattle School District and was intended to aid neglected and unfortunate young girls. It eventually closed in 1957.

According to HistoryLink.org “in 1972, the City of Seattle purchased the site and, in the following year, transferred it to the parks department.”

The building remained abandoned and rumors spread of eerie sightings of ghostly apparitions.

As HistoryLink.org notes, after a decade of discussions the city council eventually voted for the demolition of the historic building and creation of a park on the site.

The distinctive arch was in storage and in 2009 it was brought to Green Lake as part of city’s Shade Park and Plaza, funded with monies from the Pro Park Levy. So while for decades the arch greeted young students as they entered into the school to day, it’s now an elegant and welcoming focal point of Green Lake’s plaza.


via History Link

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