Greenlakers Create HopPlotter New Brewery Finding App

January 27, 2016 10:47am


We love Green Lake makers. Recently we got in touch with Greenlaker Ann Layman, one of the creative minds and founders (along with Alex and Lauren Cartmell) behind the new brewery finder app called HopPlotter.

SG: How does HopPlotter work?

AL: The main interface of the website and app is a map, with a bunch of markers indicating where breweries are located. The map lists information about each brewery like its address, website, phone number, and business hours. Clicking on a brewery will lead the user to even more information such as the brewery’s top-rated beers, Yelp rating, Facebook posts, Tweets, whether they serve food, whether they offer brewery tours, whether you can bring your kids along, etc. The site also gives you the ability to plan trips and visits to breweries by letting users create and save itineraries to their own account.

SG: Why were you inspired to create it?

AL: In the last few years, so many great breweries have opened in Seattle and all over the country. As craft beer fans ourselves, we wanted a way to easily see what breweries exist and what each one has to offer, but nothing like that existed. We hope that our app will help more people discover and visit all the great local breweries around them that they might not even have known existed!

The HopPlotter Team at Hilliard’s

SG:Do you have any places in or near Green Lake that you like to go for a good beer?

AL: Elysian Brewing’s Tangletown location is the closest actual brewery to Green Lake, and they of course have some amazing beer. It was only about a mile from our apartment so it was definitely one of our favorites. Some of our other favorites are Duck Island on the northwest side of the lake (next to Beth’s Cafe), the Green Lake Alehouse on the north side, and Fix Coffeehouse near the park. PCC also has a great selection of bottles!

SG: Any other things you’d like to share?

AL: The app is still very new and under active development, so users can expect many cool new features in the coming months. Also, although the mobile app is currently only available for iPhone, the Android version is coming soon, and the website is optimized to work well on any device.

SG: Thanks Ann, cheers!