Here Came the Cavalry: Rare Pictures of Green Lake released

January 21, 2016 6:06am



Look what we found in The New York Public Library’s recently released archive of 180,000 public domain photos: the U.S. Cavalry, in 1899, on the shores of Green Lake.  The Third Cavalry Unit is preparing to embark to Manila to fight in the Philipine-American War, a rebellion lasting  from 1899-1902 which erupted after the Treaty of Paris transferred control of the Philipines from Spain to the U.S.

Turns out Mohai has these plus a few more, all shot by a photographer named Anders Beer Wilse:


Where did they camp? It’s thought to be near Woodland Park. The wooden structure in the background of the laundry picture looks like bleachers – an early version of the Boathouse?  The descriptions mention “Camp Robinson,” which probably refers to Captain and Quartermaster W.W. Robinson Jr., pictured among the group (best known for building Discovery Park’s Fort Lawton).