The Park

Meet Atticus

February 9, 2016 1:06pm


When I jog around Green Lake I try not to stop running around the lake for anything (except maybe a latte because I’m such a die-hard runner – ha!). But today I was stopped in my tracks by a pot-belly pig named Atticus.



This adorable pig was happily greeting visitors with his giant snout and tiny grunts. This isn’t Atticus’ first time to Green Lake, apparently he is a frequent visitor, who lives in Ravenna. And while it’s hard to tell the scale of Atticus (there were other dogs near him but they were all keeping a safe distance), he is a svelteĀ 137 lbs. According to the pig’s trainer, the owners thought he was going to be a tea cup pig.

This video from last summer shows Atticus when he was just a piglet.