Does the Green Lake Cleanup Change the Way You Feel about the Lake?

April 21, 2016 6:50am

boating on the lake
After years of meetings, proposals and studies the alum treatment has been applied to Green Lake with the hopes of having the lake toxic-algae free for years to come. More background on that here. If you’ve been by the lake this week you will notice that it may even look clearer.

We received a comment from two readers, Carmina and Richard, earlier this week that said they couldn’t believe how clean and clear the lake appeared. “We knew they had been working on the water project last week, but this is the first time we have stopped by for our walk since they finished. The lake looked so good this morning that we walked around it slowly for the first time in the 4 years we have been coming. Best we have ever seen it.” Carmina went on to say that their normally 45 minute walk took four hours because they took their time sitting around the lake, enjoying lunch and just admiring the lake.

Now that Green Lake is cleaned up, do you look at the lake differently? Please share your stories with us.