Future Neighborhood Development; Your Input Needed By This Friday

April 5, 2016 10:52am
Photo by Dcoetzee

Photo by Dcoetzee

We received an email from the Wallingford Community Council that shares huge changes for proposed future development in our area. According to WCC: The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (DCI) is proposing changing the design review process in an attempt to streamline approval of new developments both inside and outside of urban village areas (i.e. neighborhoods). These changes could affect the look and feel of developments and as WCC suggests, the livability of Seattle’s neighborhoods and closer to home right here in Green Lake.

The DCI’s Design Review Program (that they are looking to update) began in 1994 and takes into account the overall appearance of a building including quality of materials, open space and several others outlined on their blog. The several member board reviews specific projects before a development begins construction. But that could change. (You can see the full Design Review Program Improvements plan and background on previous meetings.)

WCC shared concerns that the new proposals could mean that developments on properties smaller than 10,000 square feet would be exempt from design review.

According to the WCC other changes could include:

  • Developments up to 20,000 square feet will be approved administratively with no Design Review Board meetings.
  • Developments inside urban villages up to half a block in size would only require a single Design Review Board meeting.
  • Developments of any size, whether inside or outside of urban villages, would only require a single Design Review Board meeting as long as they are considered to be “Deep Green”

Greenlakers, you have until Friday to submit your comments that could shape the future of how DCI conducts its review process for new development in our area. Here’s a link to the survey, which is a one box comment form ready for your comments, questions and concerns:

We have reached out to District 6 City Council Member Mike O’brien for comment and will do a follow up post tomorrow with additional information.