New Ways to Get Around Green Lake

April 28, 2016 6:24am

Recently, two companies have announced new ways to get around Green Lake easier, especially for families.


The first is ReachNow, the BMW car sharing service that brought an initial fleet of 370 vehicles including BMW i3, the BMW 3 Series and the Mini Cooper to Seattle. Similar to Car2Go, you simply reserve a car (or can have one sent to you!) and are charged a rental rate by the minute or day – depending upon the length of your drive. One of the big differentiating points of ReachNow is that you can (legally!) fit a car seat in some of these cars, which is great for one car families (like ours). And, according to a company press release, ReachNow will also be expanding to Sea Tac Airport next quarter, making this a great option for trips to and from the airport. We test drove one of these cars recently and while they were slightly more expensive than a Car2Go, the space and style was worth it.


Via Pogo

The second is a carpooling app called Pogo for parents in new and existing carpools. The Seattle-based startup estimates 17.5 million rides occur in Seattle each year to get kids to and from after school activities. Pogo will be launching next month and will use existing, trusted carpool groups to help parents get their kids safely to and from activities.

A cool side note: This app was made possible thanks to Verizon Wireless who funded this app last December (to the tune of $1 million) after it won a national startup contest. The beta was done here in Seattle and focused on Seattle parents. We are excited to see this apps full capabilities when it is ready for primetime next month.