Here’s a Way To Help Needy Families This Summer

July 26, 2016 6:21am

Hosting a block party this summer? The Ronald McDonald House asks that if you do that you consider putting a collection box out for the RMH to help with the pantry items needed for families. During the summer the RMH reports that their pantry items deplete quicker especially with hosting patient siblings who are out of school.

Here are some of the items need:
Pudding/Jello cups
Granola bars
Individually packaged cookies/crackers/pretzels (such as snack-size bags of Goldfish crackers)
Mac and cheese cups, boxed mac and cheese
Applesauce cups
Fruit cups
Shelf stable chocolate or regular milk
Fruit snacks, fruit leathers
Nut or trail mix snack packs
More details, as well as a printable poster for your block party are available on the RMH website.