Green Lake’s Standup Paddle Board Yoga Class

August 1, 2016 10:24am

I’ve done standup paddle board and I’m no stranger to yoga, but when I was invited to do standup paddle board yoga I was a bit nervous. Downward dog on a paddle board!? But as SUP Yoga Seattle instructor Jill reminded me, the worse that can happen is that you fall in the water. So I gave it a go. You may remember we wrote about SUP Yoga Seattle two years ago, so I was long over due in trying it and I have to say it may be one of my new favorite things to do in Green Lake.


Courtesy of SUP Yoga Seattle

Here’s how it works:
Students meet at Green Lake Boat Rentals near the Community Center where instructor Jill walks through the basics of SUP. Every students gets a board, life jacket, paddle and an anchor to keep the board tethered to the ground during the practice. Then one-by-one, like little ducklings, we made our way to the northeast side of the lake where we dropped anchor and assumed child’s pose.

It took me a little while to get the hang of my board and seeing the sky as the new ground, but once I did it was very relaxing. And the board, surprisingly, gives you a bit more stability than you’d think. So for newcomers to yoga or SUP, this class is great. Although the class does cater to just about all levels. At the end of our class Jill asked if anyone wanted to work on any other moves. Several people tried headstands (!) and other poses that are hard for me to do in a studio. I gave a few a wobbly try and decided I was much happier just sitting on the board. But in this class that welcomed.

Unlike studio-based yoga where the room is quiet and all you can hear is the sound of other yogis’ breathing and perhaps some light music, SUP yoga brings the sounds of the lake into your practice. From the ducks flying overhead, the geese honking at dogs and runners and yes, even the gawkers on the Green Lake Path who are pointing out the crazy yoga class in the middle of the lake. (Pssst: we can hear you!)

The best part for me is what Jill said is also everyone’s favorite – the best shivassana (or end of practice meditation) ever. And as Jill said, “It’s hard to beat floating on the water at the end of class – bliss!”


Courtesy of SUP Yoga Seattle

Classes are 9:30 a.m. Thursday – Sunday (June – September)
Cost: Classes are $35. That price includes all equipment: board, paddle and life jacket. There is also a “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Board) option for students that want to bring their own board, paddle and life jacket to class.

What to bring: A dry bag if you have one. Jill takes a small bag out too for the class so you can stow keys and phones etc. Also bring water for afterwards (it is a good little workout) and a towel (just in case you fall in).

Expertise level: All levels.

Sign up for the class online. Class size is up to 10.


Disclaimer: SUP Yoga invited me to try the class for free, but did not have editorial review of this post.