Green Lake Community Center Feedback Needed This Week

September 14, 2016 5:52am
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via Wikipedia

Recently Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jesús Aguirre unveiled the Community Center Strategic Plan calling for new investments to the City’s Community Centers. If the City Council accepts the plan, Green Lake Community Center would be one of the many Community Centers in the city to receive funding for upgrades/changes.

According to information provided by ARC, Associated Recreation Council,
The Green Lake Community Center is proposed to receive the following operating benefits if City Council accepts the plan as part of the 2017 budget process:

Additional Staffing:
Ensure Safety, Cleanliness, and Accessibility/ Meet Community Needs: Additional custodial staffing will help improve cleanliness and address the needs of the homeless and unsheltered population that uses the center for showers.

Operating Partnership:
Explore partnerships to manage the center in exchange for private funding for facility needs.

System-wide Improvements:
· Elimination of Drop-in Fees
· Simplification of Scholarship Application Process
· Recreation Program Performance Management System
· Improve Advisory Council System

The City Council Parks Committee will be discussing the Community Center Strategic Plan this Friday, September 16 and has asked the public to send comments of support and feedback on the plan THIS WEEK by phone or email to the Parks Committee Members.

Committee Member Contact Information:
· Debora Juarez, Chair:; 206-684-8805
· Sally Bagshaw, Vice Chair:; 206-684-8801
· Bruce Harrell, Member:; 206-684-8804
· Kshama Sawant, Alternate:; 206-684-8016

Testimony to the Parks Committee will be taken at the beginning of their meeting, and the public is encouraged to attend to share comments of support and feedback on the plan.
Friday, September 16
2:00 p.m.; public comment is first on the agenda
Council Chambers at City Hall: 600 4th Avenue