Deer Spotted in Green Lake

October 13, 2016 1:56pm

The past few weeks we have reported news that has been rather doom and gloom – a possible Green Lake purse nabbing, homeless encampments in city parks and this rain and stormy weather. Time for something a little less heavy. We were surprised when we received photos from a few Greenlakers who spotted deer walking around the lake yesterday afternoon. And not in the more wooded parts either. Both appeared to be walking in the street/sidewalk or, as the case with this one sent in by reader David, checking out the ball fields. Another reason to drive slow in the neighborhood Greenlakers!

Spotted near Tacos Guaymas. Photo by Merissa Goldstein.

Spotted near Tacos Guaymas. Photo by Merissa Goldstein.

And John sent us a few photos of the deer he found bounding up his southeast Green Lake street. Perhaps its time to start a Greenlaker deer tracker? We hope this deer finds its way home.